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Welby’s apology to residential schools in Canada

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Aborigines who have escaped abuse in Anglican-run schools should apologize

According to reports from Global News Canada, Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury declared himself “terrified” and “humiliated” during a May 1 meeting with representatives of some of Canada’s first countries – the James Smith Cree Nation, the band of Chogastabeis and the Peter Chapman band in Saskatchewa. “In learning about the abuse they and other children experienced in residential schools run by the Anglican Church across Canada between 1820 and 1969.

“I’m sorry. I’m more sorry than I say,” Welby said. “I’m ashamed. I’m terrified. .

The Welby Residential School apologized following a day of hearing stories of survivors of the abuse, demanding actions that fit their words.

Survivor Rhonda Sanderson said, “Churches must take responsibility for the atrocities that took place in residential schools. Today is a memorial day.” But apologize and take action.

“Act on what you say. Do not say anything and do nothing, because it is very depressing, ”Rhonda Sanderson returned to Welby.

For his part, the Primate of the Anglican Communion declared that it was the responsibility of the Anglican Church of Canada to take the initiative to correct past wrongs.

“The Anglican Church of Canada is the Anglican Church of Canada and I come from abroad. I will not interfere in this, ” he said.

The Catholic Church has already apologized for the abuse at its residential schools. For decades, children were forcibly removed from their native communities and sent to religious schools in the name of cultural integration.

Pope Francis, who met with representatives of the Canadian first nations, the Inuit and the Medes, declared: “I sincerely apologize to God for the disgraceful conduct of those members of the Catholic Church, and I sincerely apologize to you.

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