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There is a date that radically defines the future of football as we know it and it is in the middle of the World Cup. December 15: There we will know that he will have (if he does) the Premier League tomorrow. All background and what could happen

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There is a date that will be a turning point in football today than it could be tomorrow. December 15. Three days before the World Cup final in Qatar, this is the date on which the European Court of Justice will decide the likely decisive group for the match today. Sopraloy. Will be the Greek lawyer Athanasius RantosThe attorney general of the court to deliver the successive report of the Super League hearing to the judges. In short, a topic we will deepen next: ESL, European Super League Company SL demand that what defines UEFA and FIFA’s monopoly on international football ends. We will therefore discuss antitrust to understand, in a nutshell, whether European and international institutions are taking advantage of their position to be regulators and regulators of competitions without allowing the market, and thus new competitions such as the Premier League, to emerge.

Premier League and the arrival of Bernd Reichert
The slippery affair, on which the birth of the Premier League already collapsed in April 2021: Just a few hours were enough, and this clumsy attempt to launch a competition that would turn things upside down at night collapsed after every prime minister’s setbacks. The League of Clubs engaged with the then Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as a “spokesperson” for the popular protests. It is also for this reason that, two days ago, A22 Sports Management decided to hand the communication and institutional relations into the hands of German Bernd Reichart. Which has already started face-to-face with clubs, national leagues, club representatives (the hardest of them all, being the Egyptian Chefs Association headed by Al-Khelaifi who is close to Chefrin in the battle against the Premier League), players and fans. The viewfinder always aims at the same goal: Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are at the forefront of a project that promises to be definitely more open and inclusive.

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The intentions of Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona
Agnelli, Perez and Laporta, in addition to having a clear goal of putting their clubs’ accounts in order, making them sustainable, and again companies able to generate profits and create increasingly important economic stimuli, have the intention of opening the doors of the project to more and more clubs and institutions. For this reason, Richart’s figure, as CEO of the company, will be the figure of the politician useful to mend relations and relations distorted due to this break in April 2021. The intention of the three presidents of Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona is also to create a new sustainable ecosystem and with different assumptions than those in current football with Too many flaws to continue to support itself in this direction.

Florentino wine 9 euros for Paris Saint-Germain
Andrea Agnelli explained, during an event in the Financial Times a few months ago, that “Superlega has not gone bankrupt. Superlega is a business of 12 teams who have signed a 120-page contract, which is still binding on 11 of these clubs.” Among them there was no Paris Saint-Germain, and diplomatic relations between Juventus I and Paris Saint-Germain were reopened by Nasser Al-Khelaifi only on the occasion of the first leg of the Champions League with the meeting in the restaurant in two steps. From the Musée d’Orsay. When Florentino Perez met PSG, there was wine worth less than ten euros on the UEFA lunch table, just to make it clear that in diplomacy there are also signs that go beyond the future of football.

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A defining history of the future of football
Now, everyone, including Severin and certainly Infantino from Qatar, will be waiting for the December 15 decision from Luxembourg. UEFA makes clear that there is no conflict of interest in its work, but Rantos’ memory could be a vote capable of upending the outcome on its own. Not binding but historically, before the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Prosecutor always presents the conclusions that 80% of them are final. At the beginning of 2023 the judgment of the Court of Justice will arrive, and then everything will reach the Madrid court. There are months, perhaps a year, for the last point in the question, regarding the abuse of a dominant position in violation of Articles 101-102 of the EU Labor Treaty. In short: If you are a judge, you also cannot be vigilant and a cashier, j’accuse della Superlega. That it would not be a panacea for all evils and that in this unborn form it was a fault of exclusivity and no advantage, since not even the economic advantages which would have benefited the whole system were a sufficient counterweight. But there is something to be done. We await this new cycle, made up of diplomacy, for a man from Germany who has come to try to quench the fires of burning interests and a history that could mark a long winter or a new spring. It depends on how you read the story.

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