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Possible surprises from the Xbox and Bethesda conference –

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Xbox Game Pass There could be a very rich month ahead, considering that in addition to the games already announced in June 2022, it appears that Possible surprises You may arrive during the conference Xbox & Bethesda Show June 12, 2022.

In the past few hours we’ve seen the announcement of the first batch of games on Xbox Game Pass in June 2022, which already offers some interesting titles including Assassin’s Creed Origins and Chorus and For Honor, two of which should also launch more and more collaborations between Ubisoft and subscription service from Microsoft, but that’s not all.

The official post on Xbox Wire makes a vague allusion to monitoring Xbox social channels for potential “surprises” during the Xbox & Bethesda presentation on June 12, 2022, but that’s not the only evidence that leads us to believe there are other games coming, perhaps also in the first half of June 2022.

One element that stands out in today’s announcement, in fact, in addition to the limited number of games by the standards we’re used to Xbox Game Pass, is the fact that releases arrive through June 7, 2022.

Xbox Game Pass, games coming early June 2022

The standard catalog update announcement scheme typically requires the first delivery to take at least the first two weeks of the month, which leads us to consideranother wave Games are expected to be announced in the evening of June 12 and then added to the second half of the month.

Already in other similar previous instances, in alignment with the big June events by Microsoft, we have seen the introduction of different games announced live within evening show, with the most interesting example seen at the time of the Bethesda acquisition, with the blanket inclusion of a large amount of games by the respective tag. So let’s keep an eye out for the Xbox & Bethesda Show on June 12, 2022 to find out what surprises are coming on Xbox Game Pass.

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