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Anti-fascist murals in the former market The motion goes to the council

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Businesses within the old market place in Tersee Square will not slow down the skating rink and hockey sports activity in preparation for the new competitive season. The construction site opened after the transfer of the headquarters of Anpi, which is not without controversy, and is currently finalizing the renovation project entrusted by the municipality of Sarzana to Fratelli Gerali at a cost of approximately 90 thousand euros. After the completion of the external redevelopment of the facade of the building and the construction of the sidewalks, the works moved inside the “building” and are concerned with the redevelopment of the stadium, the toilets, the construction of new changing rooms to adapt them to the legislation in force and, above all, to guarantee the athletes and guests more fitness and comfort in the services suitable for the competitions of the different teams. Thus, the new circuit will meet the standards imposed by the Federation of Wheelsports, to guarantee the highest sporting standards for the team’s participation in Italian and European competitions. In fact, the Sarzana hockey team will start qualifying for the Champions League in October. Meanwhile, the National Party Assembly, having found a new residence on Via Landinelli in the apartment managed by the Quarto Piano Society, has asked the municipality to leave a “mark” of its past in the old market which is also precious. A reminder of the present and the future. The departments of Anpi, Anppia and Arci Val di Magra registered a request with the town hall to be able to create a mural dedicated to anti-fascist figures to be painted on the facade on the side of the railway station. The idea of ​​the murals as an artistic solution to beautify the structure first came to Lucia Bosque, owner of the Quarto Movimento dance school, even if the paintings, having resisted the aims of vandals, were covered up during the renovations. While the person dedicated to the old hockey picture Sarzana resisted.

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In support of the request for the mural, 500 signatures have arrived and the costs of the work will be covered by the proposed associations. The last word now belongs to the municipal council, which must discuss the application.

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