Home Top News Matte model for the new national newspaper – “Nato dei Metalli”.

Matte model for the new national newspaper – “Nato dei Metalli”.

Matte model for the new national newspaper – “Nato dei Metalli”.

In November 2022, the Canadian government required 3 Chinese companies to divest their equity interests in several Canadian companies operating in the “rare earth” commodities sector for “national security” reasons.

In particular, Simonine Rare Metal Resources in Power Metals, Chengze Lithium in Lithium Chile and Zhangye Mining in Ultra Lithium were forced to exit. As a result, losses in the stock market were recorded by the companies concerned, but recovered later.

In this case “our” researchers, witches and wizards newly trained in economic, environmental and geopolitical intelligence, are still taken by the joy of the endless Italian holidays of Christmas, New Year, Epiphany and beyond. For example, their own foreign colleague Andy Holm coined the term “NATO of metals”.

Andy Home, inspired by the principle of “shoring friends”, identifies the US, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Finland, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden and, finally, the “NATO of metals”. , the European Commission, against China, now the monopoly owner of lithium extraction, and Russia’s nickel producer.

The industrial economic policy proposed by the US and Canada is to protect supply chain markets for critical metals essential to the production of batteries.

Australia recently launched a $2 billion plan for the sector with their Energy Minister, Madeleine King. A “war of spies” has been going on between Canada and China with cross-arrests for at least 3 years, to highlight the extent of the trade conflict, and add it back so as not to miss anything.

Who is missing? The answer is obvious. We are missing.

Italy, which was an international industrial and economic power under Matteo, is now a leading player and has emerged in this strategic sector. We have the skills, structures and capabilities to be in the “Partnership for Metal Security”, but we need to be protagonists, not employees.

“Matty model” is the only way.


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