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Playing football to the last: mistakes not to be made in Vicenza

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The victory over Pisa should indeed be set aside in anticipation of Saturday’s match. A fiery environment and a squad ready to sell dearly will wait for the Giallorossi, who called for victory to close the Serie A live speech.

The first division direct promotion is still going through Vicenza. As in 2009/2010, Lecce will play match ball in Mintee in Vicenza. So, Di Canio’s team did not skip 0-0 and then postponed the party to the match against Sassuolo, which ended with the same score. However, the status of the host is very different from the point obtained for subsequent survival in the second division in the relegation year of Triestina, Mantua, Gallipoli and Salernitana. The salvation of Berishi hangs by a thread, and victory over Lychee is obligatory to believe in hopes of salvation. Success may not be enough for Vicenza: so Cosenza And Alexandria Beat Pisa and Parma respectively, for Lin it will be the first division.

Regardless of the calculations that may concern Lecce also in the event of a draw, there is a match that must be prepared in the best possible way so as not to fall into the errors that caused the defeat of Reggio Calabria. Lecce will have to take the field Strong in its value and securities. Mr. Baroni’s recipe is always the same: this team cannot do well without a football proposition. Having established the mechanics of the game starting from retrieving the Hjulmand ball and trying to scratch with restart on offensive chains, Giallorossi will have to unleash that mental strength that Granillo lacks. Probably the warm atmosphere to be inhaled in Menti, filled with every arrangement everywhere, will be the opposite of what it was a couple of days ago. So, for Captain Lawsoni, it might be easier to keep the bar straight in the locker room to take the last decisive step.

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Vicenza kept the waterline with the victory at Stadio Como already saved with goals Majorini and Brosco. Before the success, it was only 4 points in 7 matches (and 1 in 4 matches before Como). Refunds Giacomelli and Padilla, ineligible at Sinigaglia, would give coach Baldini a respite, but it would be hard to imagine Vicenza attacking against the top of the class. Former Gelorossi and new sporting director mayo And Jordan Lukaku can strengthen the wings in front of a three-man defense in order to block the rhythm Strfezza and Di Mariano. Baroni will prepare his team for any eventuality: Lecce will have to play with Lecce to rejoice the day before and give his coach the joy of the second day. Upgrade functional In the A of the profession having celebrated a Benevento in 2016/2017.

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