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The wonderful space opera by Disney Pixar

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In 1995, young Andy was shocked to see a movie starring the soon-to-be space hero as his undisputed idol. This character later became one of the child’s favorite toys, the legendary Buzz Lightyear. This is that movie. With this assumption begins Light yearThe brand new movie Disney Pixar Which will finally appear on the big screen starting June 15th (don’t miss the others Movies in theaters June 2022). A feature film, therefore, wants to be inspired by the beloved franchise of Toy Storyat the same time highly respectful of its myths while trying to piece together a different experience, in some ways more mature and aimed above all at first-hour lovers (you know Who Showed Toy Story Chris Evans Wants To See?).

We have seen Light year In preview and we are finally ready to tell you about it. What we can actually define as a ‘healthy’ occasional Toy Story he is A product that spoils expectations without disappointing them. Because, in tones, in gradation and even in writing, Light year It is a work that speaks to a very specific audience, departing from the more classic vibe of the Pixar catalog and also for this reason designed to explore more difficult to reach areas fraught with danger and ambition.

hero’s way

During a meticulous galactic reconnaissance mission, veteran space ranger Buzz Lightyear faces the fate of an entire community on his shoulders. His goal is to proceed with the exploration of a planet with an unknown and often hostile ecosystem, studying its flora and fauna and understanding whether the surrounding environment could become a hospitable place for establishing a human colony.

Unfortunately One fatal miscalculation threatens the entire space station, and a temporary take-off after an alien attack causes massive damage to the spaceship’s engines. Commander Lighter, his comrades and the entire crew remain stuck in an unknown and wild area: the new Buzz mission is now to rebuild the energy core needed to reach the super-speed that will allow the ship to return to deep space, but in order for this to happen it is necessary to conduct dangerous tests in the orbit of a planet Unknown. It begins, for the protagonist, A cycle of trying and failingWhich led to the emergence of a certain phenomenon that puts him in front of a series of unprecedented dangers.

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We won’t reveal much about what is happening in Lightyear’s Central Chapter, but the surprises will not lack, and events involving the indomitable Space Ranger will bring him in the presence of An army of androids led by the evil and ambitious General Zurg. The villain’s goal is in turn to acquire the precious energy core that would allow Buzz to move his people towards freedom, here is a fierce galactic battle that will raise the Space Rangers into absolute champions for the public, even the production of the legendary game that will occupy little Andy’s room very soon.

Lightyear, a workspace by Pixar

From the beginning Light year It turns out to be a surprising production, especially in terms of the maturity of his story. Not that, in the typical style of an approach aimed at the family experience, a very small audience can’t enjoy Pixar’s new work: from slasher comics, the animation studio’s trademark, to having characters with a distinctly funny character. And the Lightyear can entertain even the youngest, but it especially caters to the older ones Brave Buzz’s sci-fi adventure.

The idea of ​​specifically targeting the enthusiasts who grew up with them Toy Story, and that today they can recognize in Lightyear a scene of popular quotes and above all references to the genre of cinema, it seems clear starting from the interesting plot development that unfolds at the end of the first act, which leads to a scenario more complex than us might expect. And it is precisely in connection with this last aspect that the main limits of this process have emerged: i.e. Not everything in writing qualifies perfectly. The tempo in the film’s central stage does not reveal the first act’s climax and exciting conclusion, and the more adult colors – both in plot and in the theater – alternate with the more boyish and lighter aspects of the film. Film that makes Lightyear a product that is not only monolithic. We are already convinced that even the youngest viewers may not fully understand some concepts that, on the other hand, will make the audience happy in their search for a more engaging sci-fi experience. Because Light yearnet everything, it is Excellent satellite operaIt is an engaging adventure film that is successful above all in terms of acting.

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Abandoning the “distorted” aesthetic Toy Story And the cartoonish setting of the animated series about space rangers, Lightyear is covered in surprising, at times disturbing, but still successful realism. thanks for the A technical sector and a visual framework that has a significant impactBoth are grand and grandiose like a great science fiction movie. And in the end, a deep respect for the classic “myths”, both in terms of aesthetics and characterization of the characters.

Lightyear is a movie that can coexist as a standalone production, and is fun for those looking for a good animated sci-fi movie, and how A love letter to Buzz fans and a specific narrative subtext related to Toy Story. And even if the result doesn’t quite live up to the intensity and subtlety of the classics, Pixar’s attempt to move beyond its comfort zone can only be rewarded, without its flaws.

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