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Exercise improves mood: science confirms

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The The benefits of physical activity There is a lot, because exercise affects the psychophysical well-being of the individual. There are many studies that have focused on trying to give a more accurate explanation of all this. Recent research by Iowa State University experts has confirmed that among the benefits caused by training, there is also the possibility of and improve mood of individuals, which makes it especially useful when suffering from anxiety and depression.

How was the search done?

About 30 volunteers underwent the tests after the cycling session. It was a workout moderate intensity About half an hour and so called color test stop.

Individuals had to visualize the words written in different colors. Their job was to say the name of the color out loud, not the words.

Thus, it was found that the cognitive performance of those who performed the physical exercises was better. It also improves their mood and is associated with positive emotions.

Above all, improvements were also found in people suffering from chronic depression, anxiety and stress.

Implications for the study

The researchers who conducted the study are convinced of the value of sports becoming a great way to download Every form of stress Thus improving mood, reflect on many aspects of daily life.

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Experts argue that there should be more awareness of these terms, reinforcing this common sense that a healthy body can also pave the way to very beneficial mental well-being.

In short, psychological and emotional stability comes directly from physical exercise. also Only one hour of training per weekAs a result of the research, it would lead to improvements in mental health. This opens new horizons about the actual results that can be achieved through physical exercises, as well as regarding functions related to memory.

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