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Gears of War, the movie is coming out of the shadows thanks to the producer of The Batman

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One of the manufacturers behind the long-awaited film adaptation to war equipment Introduced a new project status update, which has been in progress for some time.

gears 5 It is undoubtedly The biggest and most ambitious episode in the entire seriesdemonstrating the strength of a brand that still has a lot to say.

After all, movies based on video games are doing really well: the last game that received the Hollywood treatment was UnknownProduced by Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions. Which turned out to be a success.

Not to mention it’s even a franchise like Zelda Seems to be on top of players’ preferences For a potential movie, with more than one door left open.

Gears tactics photo.

Over the past fifteen years, there has been a lot of talk about a movie version of war equipmentEven if an actual movie hasn’t been officially announced.

In a new conversation with my editors digital fix (St CB), producer Dylan Clark shared the latest information about the project.

Clark, she’s in the business of promoting Batmanscheduled for release on March 3 in Italian cinemas, claimed to be “Glad we are interested” For a possible feature film.

“It’s something I’ve been excited about for a long time. I guess it’s Very soon there will be an announcementfinished product.

In recent years, he made the name of the former wrestler often and willingly Dave Bautista. For a long time, Bautista has stated that he wants to play the hero Marcus Phoenix In a possible movie based on a video game.

In fact, developer gears 5 Alliance – Ended up including Bautista in the final chapter, as part of the campaign.

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Whether or not Bautista will actually participate in war equipmentThis is still to be seen.

If you want to know more about gears 5get well soon Our rich review of the gameAlways and only on pages SpazioGames.

Speaking instead of movies based on video games, a few months ago it was her turn instead human kombatThat has achieved such success since then The sequel begins.

If you want to bring back a little classic like Gears of War 4, Take advantage of the best Amazon Italy prices.

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