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Janice the cat dies of cancer. He decided to leave all rights to the song “Dance You Outta my Head” to his son. The song goes viral

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You've probably also heard a certain song on Instagram and TikTok. he is called “Dance you out of my head“And it's Cat Janice's last song. The latest in the truest sense of the word. Because Cat, a pop singer from Washington, D.C., is about to die of cancer. He decided to donate all the rights to the song to his seven-year-old son. He recorded the song on January 19, i.e. “The day before his birthday. And this is where the magic happens. Because the song, which was conceived one day while he was driving in the car with the baby, is climbing all the charts online.”Dance you out of my head“It rose to the top 10 tracks on iTunes and has been used in more than 34,000 TikToks. Everyone is sharing it, young and old. The song has previously been translated into some languages ​​​​such as French and Ukrainian, and even singer Jason Derulo commented on one of Janis' videos, saying that he is praying for her.

@cat.janice Thank you for loving me. I'm praying that a miracle will get me through this but I guess I'm called home. It would be my final joy if I pre-save my song “Dance You Outta My Head” to my bio and stream it because all the proceeds go directly to my 7 year old who I'm leaving behind. Please please share this, I want to leave this with him. If there's anything you need to know, it's that the only opinion of yourself is your own. Love yourself and be kind to others. I hope I can get through this but if not, good night everyone. #cancer #Songwriter ♬ Dance You Out of My Head – Cat Janis

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Influencer Erica Coffelt created a custom dance which made the song even more viral. The first Italian accounts promoting the song with the hashtags #CatJanice and #danceyououttamyhead also appear. Also because this time there is a just cause. “Hearing this song, 'Dance You Outta My Head,' is like a way for me to say, 'I'm not going to think about this cancer,'” Cat Janis said. Elle explains Washington Post The song's success had a ripple effect. “They're not just listening to that one song. They're following it. They're following his story,” said David Zierler, owner of Las Vegas-based Handscript Records, who worked with Janis on last year's album.

After 17 cycles of chemotherapy, Kat hoped to overcome the problem, but the disease returned to her lungs. When she entered intensive care, she decided to release the song. The American newspaper explains that Janis also wanted her latest song to carry a positive message. She had a lot of sad or cheerful songs, but her sharing wasn't so good. “Dance you out of my head“On the contrary, he focuses on dancing until you forget someone you don't want to think about.

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