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Another victory for the hockey alley conquers the third place in the IHL ranking – Radio Più

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Attachments – DOBBIACO 4-2

Half: 2-0, 2-1, 0-1

Target: Pt. 11’17” Kiviranta, 13’37” L. Dall’Agnol. St. 12’56” De Toni, 13’48” L. Dall’Agnol, 15’20” Alverà. tt. 12’19” Weser

Alleghe Hockey continues to earn important points. Excellent performance for the owls who fly the standings after another positive result against Dobbiaco. The people of South Tyrol go home with their hands in the bag. The Bears became dangerous but also not as solid thanks to their cheerful defense that played one of the season’s best tests. Biancorossi, who wins and convinces, on Tuesday evening is again on the field for the first leg against Fiemi. The Owls start out a little quietly in the early minutes of the race so Dobbiaco tries to be serious. The South Tyrolean bears try their first power game in their favor but the conclusions aren’t accurate. Alleghe seems to suffer from enemy raids but in the first real rush he takes the lead. Kiviranta uses the restart procedure for the Burzacca puncture. Red and white go into correct gear and double right thereafter with Lorenzo Dall’Agnol. Dobbiaco who does not feel the blow and again shows the green mice of the Agordina team. In the second half, Giulai and de Val touched the third mark. The boys from Fontana continue to push, which puts the people of South Tyrol in difficulty. This time it is Burzaca who saves the score and prevents the Allegheny fans from ending the match. After a series of failed attempts, the album finds the third tag in the evening thanks to De Tony’s closing. The atmosphere heats up and the referees have to send some players into the penalty area. Meanwhile, Agordinis Drop Poker with Lorenzo Dall’Agnol inflated the net with Kiviranta’s golden pass. The people of South Tyrol respond and immediately shorten the distances thereafter. The guests are brave and test Scola, who is good at defending the goal. Dobbiaco that does not benefit from double numerical superiority at the start of the third consecutive. Agordini is attentive and does not allow space for the visiting team. The game is going through a tiring phase with the two squads that don’t make important moves. Dobbiaco shorts the distance again with a shot from the blue by Wieser. Alleghe answers but Burzacca puts a piece of him down. In the final, the South Tyrol team tries to play with the extra action man but the result remains unchanged.

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