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“Terra Fury” mission | Leonardo

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Why do we go to space? What may seem like a question with a fairly simple answer is instead able to stimulate thinking on a global scale. to’space exploration In fact, it represents a valuable resource in helping us understand the fragility of the planet we live on.

As he explained Franco Ungaro“We must work to avoid global warming in 2050, but extreme weather events already exist: we must live with them and help prevent the most violent ones. The battle is also being fought in space, an important part of the civil infrastructure of every modern nation, but also of For cyber resilience. In this way, real creation Earth’s digital twin It represents an innovative approach that allows us to predict in real time what is happening on the planet.

Corriere’s in-depth analysis of the space sector continues with a focus on Leonardo’s activities. The first focuses on Robots for space explorationpaying special attention to contributing to the mission Exomars. Giada Migrossiprogram manager at Leonardo, emphasizes how “robotic systems will increasingly be equipped for space missions artificial intelligence And complex algorithms.”

In the second article I devoted toEarth observation The role of satellites in collecting and processing data, Leonardo’s contribution to various missions was emphasized, from Cosmo-Sky Med And Prismwhich will be added soon iris And Prism second generation. As he narrated it Pastorini’s guideDirector of Program Engineering at Leonardo, “At the Campi Bisenzio Florence site, we design and develop optical instruments for space, which are then adopted by numerous national and international missions and which, one day, will be able to contribute to the realization of Digital twin From earth“.

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