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Dear Santa Claus… “The Message” With our best wishes for football

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Second Division Christmas Ball (La Presse)

A ‘semi-serious’ letter asks Santa Claus for the ball some gifts to ‘save’ Italian football and beyond.

It is well known that football exists Sorry to be every little kid again. Cheering for one’s colors, seeing an idol, first an adult and then oddly young, making gestures that can transform you for a whole week, is something that unites young and old. From father to son, from grandfather to grandson.

So, taking advantage of this “excuse”, this return, through football, to a nostalgic childhood, what could be better, and taking advantage of the Christmas period, Letter to Santa Claus. Not for the classic Santa Claus, but to santa claus balloon. Speech With wishes (or proposals) to “save” football from the wrath that afflicts him.

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Referees in the second division during the Christmas tour
Referees with packages for Christmas in the second division (La Presse)

Dear Santa Claus…Italian football

Dear Santa, let’s start with the hard stuff right away: italian football. Simple first wish: Enough cases of Salernitana. A hideous, widely predictable administration that risks for the umpteenth time distorting the race to safety that becomes less exciting every year.

Now there Salerno, could be soon Barry (which has an excellent chance of being promoted to B). The wish is that we can finally Look for (serious) leverage in your timeshare. Then, since we are in it, we also talk about the struggle for salvation.

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Dear Santa, a little under the eyes like The Italian league’s low level is incredibly low. Isn’t twenty teams too many? Especially when this also leads to The tournaments ended in March for those teams between the ninth and thirteenth places. Too far from Europe, too far even from the landing zone.

here you are, fix tournaments It will be an excellent gift under the tree, which can also be combined with another problemAn abnormal number of professional clubs are struggling to maintain professionalism. And that every summer leads to failures or broken hat records.

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Since I understand that giving gifts to several billion people is stressful and mentally draining, I’m going to pitch you an idea: league to 18 teams, B . series a 20, Two rounds of C1 Yes 18 AH Four rounds of C2And semi professional In order to make the transition from amateur to professional “gradual” permanent from 18. Between series 4 promotions/relegations, including 2 live and 2 through playoffs/fixing. Not bad, right?

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Salernitana fans in Genoa
Salernitana fans in Genoa (La Bresse)

Dear Santa Claus.. Italian Cup

Dear Santa Claus, let’s stay in Italy. Another sore point that you may need an urgent gift is Italian Cup. It is never possible to be in the button rooms before complaining that Italian Cup Nobody cares and then they do their best to make it happen less interesting?

As perceived today, the Italian Cup, far from being a ‘national’ competition, is A savior of the season for the big names. Another way to split the TV rights crumbs between them and get a trophy at the end…always better than nothing.

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Agree that in Italy we rule out the fact that we don’t have a real Fed Cup (like FA cup) and that our League Cup, the Italian Cup In fact, it replaces the Federal Cup. But a nice fix for Make it more “inclusive”?

Instead of shutting down more and more, and finding ourselves with less than a thousand paying for a cold Genoa Salernitana dam full of reserves, Would it not be convenient to open it also to amateurs? with Draw without seeds Hence the possibility of so many hot arenas (just take a tour of the Southern groups of C and D) to make the match of life against some of the big names exciting, even on an audience level?

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Gianni Infantino, number one in FIFA
Gianni Infantino (La Presse)

Dear Santa Claus…International Football

Dear Santa Claus, let’s make it clear right away, there is only one basic gift in this letter: No to the World Cup every two years! Infantino digs out the numbers and talks about a thousand and a million more about sponsors and televisions. And that is exactly the point. Let’s stop making sport more than just a product launch for multinational corporations.

The rhythm of the four-year World Cup is perfect, quite intertwined with the continental competitions (even if the calendar has to be coordinated here a little) e Makes the event completely ‘exclusive’. Really then, in the face of a serious problem (also related to players’ health) likeflood calendarsDo you want to add more games?

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Then, always in the same vein, Is a new League of Nations really necessary? His European version wasn’t necessary, let alone the open version for South American women. UEFA rightly opposes players who play 4 times a season Juventus Real in a Super League And now Hyfaq hopes to be played every year Italy and Argentina in a The League of Nations?

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Corva del Venezia
Corva del Venezia (La Bresse)

Dear Santa Claus…Football is made for fans

Dear Santa, let’s move on to the most important part: I’m typhosi. You, the Christmas connoisseur, know very well that you can also place the tree but without everything around it, there is no atmosphere, meaning, ritual, Christmas. So you can also place ultra-modern stadiums, Youtube highlights, and T-shirts for €125, all to attract high-spending targets, But without a fan there is no football.

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Here, wishing for desires, more than wishing for the World Cup every two years, it is Restoration of the sporting social dimension on the commercial financial dimension. We are in a historical age in which every gesture we have is full of utilitarianism and individualism, where the fragmentation of the ego and the definition of identity through consumption alone are our polar stars. At least let’s get the calcium back

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Here too, to make it easier for you to seriously jeopardize Amazon Prime, move elves and subcontract reindeer, I have a few ideas: Just the calendar stew. Football needs codified times and rituals In space (the stadium) and in time (the match schedule). A fan must experience before, during and after the match in order to truly become connected to football. Don’t fall in love with football behind the DAZN spool, but sing in the stands with your friends, old and new.

We do not continue to make football a product similar to fast food, where in the little spare time we left you, if you can, on TV. We need the meeting before the match and the meeting after the match. Born in Live the stadium! For this reason also, and there is something moving in Europe, We present to you these blessed permanent areas. Those who want to cheer in cheers, those who want to watch, watch. Two levels of use and they are all happy. Spectators will have their gourmet dinner … And we fans are going back to Christmas.

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