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Four reinforcements for Reggiana Gazzetta di Reggio

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Reggio Emilia Market strategies from Sporting Director Roberto Goretti It is now well known, despite its flexibility. There is no fundamental change in the current squad on the horizon, but rather a confirmation of those players who were focused on during the summer and who did not perform according to expectations for various reasons.

The conversation concerns the left wing Marco BajakDefender Przemysław Szyminski And the midfielders Filippo Meligoni And Domain Cernigog. The players are considered top class by Nesta and Goretti. It will be up to them to prove they can.

On the other hand, I'm the attacker when I go out Stefano Pettinari Who could land in Ascoli if an agreement is reached. Ascoli wishes to lend him redemption in the event of redemption, while Regiana sets the condition of redemption regardless.

Jacopo da Riva It will instead return to Atalanta who are evaluating offers already received for the midfielder. Reggiana's idea is also to provide the possibility to do this Eric Lanini And Filippo Nardi To find important spaces on the pitch, perhaps in ambitious Club C.

In terms of arrivals, after the Argentine midfielder Tobias ReinhardtThere is a desire to make two strikers available to coach Alessandro Nesta, a central defender who can also be used as a left winger, and perhaps as a midfielder. Goretti's idea is to capitalize on the heritage of Reggiana players and with this logic the purchase is made Emiliano PatarelloBorn in 1999, he has a contract until June 30, 2025 with Arezzo. Negotiations between the companies have already begun. The one with the young man is almost finished Simone BafundiBorn in 2006 in Udinese. In recent weeks, there has been another discussion with Giovanni Carnevale, CEO of Sassuolo, regarding some solutions proposed by the black and green club: first concerns Luca Moronow in Spezia, ended up in the landmarks of Sampdoria.

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Granata's sporting director is not entirely convinced by this process for various reasons, and Moro represents the identity of the centre-forward that Reggiana is looking for. As suggested by Uruguayan Sassuolo Agustin Alvarez Martinez, born in 2001, purchased in 2022 from Penarol. He played 23 matches with Sassuolo and scored one goal, but he returned from a serious injury last May when he suffered a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Alvarez played once in Sassuolo's Primavera against Genoa and recovered but needs to play continuously to regain his ideal condition. We are talking about a striker who can make a difference in League Two even if there is no shortage of unknowns regarding his return to competitive action. The search for a valuable starting striker is complicated, even for the competition, with at least ten response teams searching for a striker. That's why Goretti could also opt for a foreign player.

Left wing Abdul Jabr He asked Modena so that he could return to Reggiana. We will talk about it if Bajak is sold. In the meantime, there must be an increase in prices Nathan Girma: Monza has put €3 million on the table to welcome him in June next year. The club is thinking about why its price continues to rise, especially with the interest of German and English clubs.

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