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Oscars: Coda wins, Will Smith steals the show, nothing for Italy – Cinema

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In the race for the Oscars, Apple beats Netflix and streaming services beat big companies: “I Segni del Cuore – Coda” is released on Apple TV after debuting last year at Sundance, it brings home Most importantly, a coveted figurine for the best movie against “The Power of the Dog” produced by the Los Gatos giant. But it was also the evening of Jane Campion, the third woman in Academy Awards history to win as director of this unusual Western film, arriving on the eve of the awards with 12 nominations, winning 1.

It was the revenge of Steven Spielberg, the “West Side Story” nominee that stole the award when the five went into “The Piano.” Will Smith stole the show: a straight punch for comedian Chris Rock who mocked the shaven head of his wife Jada Pinkett (who had been suffering from alopecia for some time). Censorship intervened, but whoever could lip read was humiliated, proving that it wasn’t planned. After that, the hero of the novel “King Richard – a winning choice” tearfully apologized and accepted the Oscar for Best Actor: “Art imitates life: I look like a mad father, they said to Richard Williams, a fierce defender of his family. Love drives you crazy. “

Italy’s 94th Academy Awards disappoint: Paolo Sorrentino, who was nominated for Best International Film with “E Stata la mano di Dio,” was disqualified and lost to Ryosuke Hamaguchi’s Japanese movie “Drive My Car.” Enrico Casarosa also did not succeed in the caricature of “Luca” (impossible to beat “Incanto”) and Massimo Cantini Parrini of “Cyrano” costumes, beaten by Jenny Bevan from “Crudelia”. Several topics came to the fore: disability first, then LGBTQ rights raised by winner Jessica Chastain (a standing ovation from the entire stage) as Best Actress for “The Eyes of Tami Fay” in the role of a very famous TV forecaster in the 1980s, as opposed to the orthodoxy of the religious right in Years of AIDS, he has taken the LGBT issue very seriously.

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A topic previously anticipated by another historical Oscar: Ariana de Boss Best Supporting Actress for an Anita part in “West Side Story,” not only the second Latina after Rita Moreno for the same role in 1962, but also the first openly LGBTQ person to win an acting award. The war in Ukraine found space in a minute of silence and in the many blue and yellow ribbons the stars wore, but the expected relationship with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinksky did not materialize, against the pleas of stars like Sean Penn who threatened to melt away. Live his little gnomes if he doesn’t. “Cuda” is the first film released at Sundance to win the prestigious Academy Award. In addition to Best Picture (in cinemas as of March 31 in Italy), the film about deaf hunters from Massachusetts won Best Non-Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor Troy Kotsor, who was greeted with applause in sign language, and who stands at the sign language made spectators They laugh and cry, evoking scenes on set and the figure of a father “the best sign from his family” who was denied the possibility of using his hands in a car accident. Kotsur is the first deaf actor to win an Academy Award.

Inspired by Kenneth Branagh’s childhood during the Northern Ireland “Troubles”, “Belfast” started first: it settled for Best Original Screenplay in a competitive race. Dune defeated on the technical front: out of 10 nominations, he became six figurines, including the soundtrack for Hans Zimmer. Billie Eilish and her brother Phineas won Best Original Song for No Time to Die. And for documentaries, Questlove highlighted the Summer of the Soul at the 1969 Harlem Festival.

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Young Hollywood, from Timothée Chalamet to Kirsten Stewart, dominated the red carpet as the Old Guard paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of “The Godfather” with Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro on stage. Wrapping up another moment of emotion: the extremely fragile Lisa Minnelli in a wheelchair with Lady Gaga presented the ten films in the race for the last figurine. 50 years ago, the daughter of Judy Garland and Vincent Minnelli was making Cabaret, the film that won her an Academy Award the following year. And in In Memoriam, Lina Wertmuller finds a place for remembrance (as well as many other things from William Hurt to Ukrainian director of photography Halina Hutchins who was accidentally murdered by Alec Baldwin on the Rust set).

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