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The ninth movie of the saga is coming

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Harry Potter and the Heir’s Curse seem to be the only way to restore the success of Rowling’s Wizarding World. Here’s what you need to know about it.

After the seven books of adventures Harry Potter And the eight cinematic movies inspired by them, the saga seems to be able to make a comeback. Fans have never stopped loving the series so much that they get a good income from the trade created around the saga.

Harry Potter –

Harry Potter and the solution to the Heir’s Curse

Even today, more than 20 years after the first movie was released in cinemas Harry Potter More than 25 years after the publication of the first account of the events of the young wizard and his companions, the saga has continued to achieve good turnover.

The reasons are due to careful trading move before Warner Bros. Based on Wizarding worldthe franchisor who revolves around everything to do with the magical world of the universe Harry Potter.

Over the years, video games, gadgets, and apps have been built around it Iphone And smart phone Plus a website where you can try sorting and get additional information about the world pottery.

Moreover, a few years ago, it was a play titled Harry Potter and the Heir’s Curse His text was later published and offered for sale as legal even if many fans raised their noses due to some incidents that conflict with the previous books.

Harry Potter and the Heir's Curse: The Movie Will Be the Answer
Harry Potter and the Curse of the Heir –

This show sees the events of the second son of Harry It is set many years after the original story. According to the analyst Jeff BookMaking a movie based on this offer would be the most appropriate step on his part Warner Bros. So do not give up and continue in many other directions Wizarding world And the most logical solution to return to profit a large amount is a movie based on the world pottery;

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The idea had flashed due to the proceeds of the third quarter of Fantastic beastswhich despite being at the top of the box office United States of America And in the rest of the world at the moment they fall short of expectations.

In addition, the return of some actors from the main saga will create huge interest from viewers including some who have not seen the saga Fantastic beasts Due to the absence of actors and some of the main characters in Harry Potter.

Daniel Radcliffe’s decision

So much that it’s a special occasion 20th Anniversary from the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Many fans have requested a reunion and a new chapter in this saga.

Daniel Radcliffe He quelled the excitement by declaring that he had no interest in wearing the shoes again Harry Potter In a movie version of The curse of the heir.

At the moment, there is no news of a possible movie taken from the theatrical run, but given the trend in recent years to propose sequels, spin-offs, and reboots of films very important to the cinema of the 80s and 90s for audiences. Possibility to watch the cinematic version of Heir’s curse.

Harry Potter and the Heir's Curse: The Movie Will Be the Answer

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