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Incredible accident, Ferrari SF90 takes 4 parked cars and throws them away

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Unbelievable what happened in Great Britain, where the Ferrari SF90 received 4 cars that were parked.

Ferrari crashes into parked cars –

Leadership Super Sport Not for everyone or better at Many go hard on their right feet. When that happens, you risk doing it Stupid How Destroy the Ferrari SF90Together with others 4 cars parked properly. this is incident happened in Great Britainand I did discuss Moreover Owner’s behavior subordinate red. Let’s find out more about what happened, and also look at some characteristicsHyper Car ruined gold.

Let’s find out what happened

fact happened in Birmingham neighborsIn the United kingdomwhere is the the car owner He was traveling with him SF90. Most likely going At high speed he lost controland ends in one A row of parked carsAnd the It hurts them all. The live This was it Aloud That the four cars that collided with it Ferrari It has been he movedfor a few meters. the thing positive And reassurance is that Nobody gets hurtI ruin It was only reported by the champs of vehicles fromincident.

S90 . accident
Here you can see the owner of the car or the owner of the black clothes with some passers-by who happened right after the accident –

Want to know what the owner of the red After a brief periodincident? He leftTo the extent that police arrived immediately not found. a vile behaviorwhich has His attitude, which was already serious, did not escalate a bit.. The police It didn’t take long to find it, some passersby immediately arrived at the scene of the accident, then thanks to the board It was very easy to understand his identity.

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Let’s rediscover the characteristics of the Ferrari SF90

there Ferrari SF90 It’s a very modern car as it is 2019 producedand escalates Hybrid engine. her name is a name F1 Ferrariactually trying to indicate the whereabouts of Homepage use the Hybrid technology for competitions. car A 4 modes that you can drive, from eDrivewhere is she Traction just comes from the front where electrical part. there Hybrid mode What is Turns off the endothermic part, when you travel distances you don’t need. there performance While that always see use subordinate endothermic part, less than electric. there Quality He’s the highest ever since Unleash the power of the whole machine.

Ferrari SF90 pictures
The performance of this car is great –

The engine subordinate SF90 see Hybrid powertrain than in the part endothermic mount a V8 Turbo Engine with 780 HP. there electrical part written by Three engines, totaling 220 horsepower. The engines are placed one between the internal combustion engine and the gearbox, and the other two on the front axles. his shot from From 0 to 100 km/h only 2.5 secondsup to a Maximum speed 340 km/h. for him price Based on 427930 EUR-You understand why the owner He’s not happy to destroy it.

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