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‘We’ve reopened semi-intensive Covid for the third time’: The Ten Commandments…

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Director of Respiratory Medicine

Claudio Micheletto, Director of Respiratory Medicine at Verona University Hospital

Claudio Micheletto, Director of Respiratory Medicine at Verona University Hospital

Claudio Micheletto, Director of Respiratory Medicine at Verona University Hospital

Claudio Micheletto, Director of Respiratory Medicine at Verona University Hospital

One wills socket Which betrays extreme fatigue, but also of stubborn determination and strength. It is believed that the Director of Pulmonology at Verona University Hospital, Claudio Micheletto, I decided to share on social media by announcingCovid semi-intensive opening At the Borgo Trento Hospital. for the third time.

“None of us wanted it, after the horrible eight months we spent between October 2020 and June 2021. But we make ourselves available, as always, without argument and in a spirit of service,” he wrote on Facebook.

The doctor, who has been on the front lines since the beginning of the emergency, does not comment on theories of non-decomposition, does not stand on the chair of the wise, but rather tells what he has seen every day and what he has seen since the arrival of Covid in our city.

“We are accustomed to working for everyone, We treat chronic bronchitis who smoke in the bathrooms, or at the hospital door, in the cold and in their pajamas; We treat cirrhotic patients who abuse alcohol, diabetics who eat Pastera for breakfast, high blood pressure, and heart patients who only take drugs when they remember. I don’t argue with those who haven’t been vaccinated, I don’t even ask them anymore».

It is clear from his words that he does not intend to convince anyone of this It is not intended to “switch” to scientific concepts Conspiracy theorists and proponents of theories that limit the scope of the virus and epidemic. It’s not his mission, it’s to save as many lives as possible, and heal as many people as possible in times of extreme emergency. Yes, he repeats it in different ways: the emergency is not over, even if many think differently.

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The problem exists and there is no single solution, a simple magic formula that makes the virus disappear from the face of the earth. What is required is what a part of society may not have learned to do because of laziness or lack of tools: to face and accept aspects and complexities. “Break the monolithic beliefs: you need the vaccine, you need the treatments, you need the distance, you need the masks. Everything is required, open your mind and assess the situation as a whole, We will only come to the science of complexity“he is writing.

In ten compositional points, Micheletto He deconstructs all non-decomposition statements with the weight of science, but above all with experience: From home care to “minor flu,” from “deaths from Covid or Covid,” to resistance to vaccination.

He concludes his speech by writing:over there Lots of people of good will who do their work silently: They go to the hospital, to learn, they open the bars, they go to the factory.” and adds A quote from George Eliot which is a warning and encouragement to all: “The reward of one who performs one duty is the ability to perform another duty.”

Now the only doubt remains whether the Veronese, who have done so much and still do so much in the fight against the epidemic, will still be able to find the strength and resolve to continue the fight, perhaps Cling to these words too In moments of despair.

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