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“You are inconsistent. You were wrong in telling me the truth.”

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Sulli scolds Alex for having conflicted with older brother Phip.

Alex Bailey Still at the center of the controversy over the supposed behavior at Casa del big brother vip. The influencer also criticized Givino Soleil risewho scolded him for persistence of contradiction.

Solly Surge faces Alex Bailey

Soleil I’m tired of Alex’s constant contradictions. “I don’t like contrasts, I like obvious things. […] Don’t tell me you bitch anymore.” Said the Italian-American influencer who was immediately banned by the actor, who took her face in his hands asking her not to continue with the speech.

“You do these dramas to others… Not to me! I’m not a whore. No, I won’t stop. I speak to you very clearly. I have read you well, but what I rely on are words and therefore deeds. Your facts are wholly inconsistent with your sayings. So read more” . added worries Explanation for Clear To better understand the situation.

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The words that caused the reaction Alex: “If you read this contradiction, it means that there is something”. “Do you think I’m built on contradictions? The problem is that you might be wrong in telling me the truth because you will continue to contradict yourself. I don’t belong in this.”. Despite thousands of contradictions, there is a difference between the two today Real kiss.

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