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Canada is looking for a way to punish “space criminals”

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There is no doubt that our current laws do not look to the future. For this reason Canada has decided to rewrite some chapters of its penal code Permission to prosecute astronauts Those who commit crimes on the moon. This is a step that must be taken sooner or later by all countries, sooner or later Italy too.

basically, Any crime committed while flying on the moon or in space This would be considered as being done in Canada (apparently applicable to Canadian astronauts). The proposal was tabled in Parliament last Thursday. Frames are necessary because the material is still very gray in the frame.

The revision comes after NASA partnered with ESA (European Space Agency) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for the Lunar Gateway project. A small space station orbiting the moon.

Although “space crimes” have not yet been committed, even though US astronaut Anne McLean is incredibly close in 2019, the existence of temporary laws for space is a emergencyEspecially nowadays many activities like launching one’s own satellites in the orbit of the earth are not pursued.

Although all humans traveling in space have different terrain, it is logical and mandatory that these rules be the same.Said Ram Ram S. Jaku, one of the world’s leading experts in international space law at McGill University in Canada.

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