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Did island 15, vera gemma and jida break up? She: “It’s not really official.”

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After his adventure a Vamos IslandI’m now Vera Gemma is officially back in the cinema and these days she’s in Venice, the film champion in competition in The 79th edition of the cinema exhibition.

interview by SuperguidatvAnd the vera She said that the picture that came out of it in the context of her experience a Celebrity Island And that in the cinema his true identity appears:

movie show vera gemma Actress which I have been doing since I was sixteen. I got my internship and my dream has always been to be an actress and a director. I didn’t want to watch TV. I got there when I was 50 but because I hadn’t tried before. I don’t deny the kind of TV I made because it allowed me to show strength and courage and the fact that I could adapt to any situation that made me look like an ordinary woman and not spoiled.

jewelHowever, he certainly does not despise the world of television and has revealed that he could agree to return to television as a columnist:

I see what is presented to me and understand whether it is true or not. It must also be said that I have a son to support on my own, so the TV allows for a fairly quick and easy income. I am grateful for TV even if my love for cinema remains.

Speaking of her private life, however, rumors have been circulating in recent weeks of a crisis between her and her boyfriend wellsounds it also feeds verawhich was created in the context of Instagram Live by Biagio DanieliShe complained about her relationship with her boyfriend:

It’s not really official. Biagio It was live on Instagram and I entered it at that moment to say we’re in a crisis. I complained. Now let’s see if things will work out.

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