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The marketing strategy of our banks exploits customers consciously and sarcastically

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Have you ever wondered why all banks (Nothing excluded) She angers her clients in one way or another by associating them with the gods halter contractsExploiting them with expenses, confusing them with provisions written in a fine line, and punishing them when they violate them The rules they didn’t understand? However, the necessary marketing principle is based on the assumption that customer satisfaction generates trust and trust generates profits. So how can this paradoxical anti-economic behavior be explained? Because, in fact, these behaviors are not cheap counter. In fact, they make a lot of money. In particular, banks have discovered that operating in a market makes a “cartel” loathed by confused and uninformed customers, who often end up taking Improper purchasing decisionsIt can be very profitable.

Think, it’s just one of many cases, when you have to choose a checking account Suitable for your needs: Bank customers always have to choose from dozens of offers without directing them towards the offer that best meets their needs, but, on the contrary, they are directed towards more profitable offers for the bank. And often, voluntarily (sic!) and formally, customers They chose the wrong product. In some cases, for example, depending on the minimum balance they decide to leave in the account, the bank pays a certain interest rate and agrees to cancel or adjust certain expenses. But consider what happens if the customer is not respected Minimum Agreed BalanceHe pays heavy fines and fees.

Not only that, but if he goes far beyond the bottom line, he finds himself realizing a low interest He wouldn’t get it with a different kind of checking account. Even in this case, the company wins and the customer loses, regardless of his direction of error. Or think about the potential profit of penalties imposed by banks in practice They establish their own exploitation strategies from clients. I saw with my own eyes – just read I know and I have a guide For example, when a bank calculates a customer’s balance at the end of the day on the basis of detected movements (credits and debits): it debits checks by volume, starting with the most consistent, not in chronological order. This increases the possibility of it The remaining checks are not coveredwhich allows the bank to let the customer go “red” even for a few euros, and thus pay heavy fines.

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Likewise customers who They use ATMsFor example, they may find themselves in a position to withdraw a “simple thing” more than is available without formally notifying them before the operation is carried out. But rest assured that immediately upon withdrawal the notification arrives, in the form of a penalty. Banks, all banks, They take advantage of customers consciously and sarcastically So. Rather, they realize that through this approach they are always exposed to the pent-up hostility of clients, who can retaliate at any time with negative or at least verbally sarcastic words, court cases and dissent. But they are not crazy, nor are they naive with a short-term view. Banks that extract value from customers as part of a conscious strategy They know what they’re doing.

This awareness comes from a tacit agreement In the context of a cartel (an agreement between several independent producers of a good or service, with the aim of implementing strategies that tend to reduce competition in the market). Because such a mechanism can only work if all The goods sector “deceives” the consumer. Indeed, when a market player appears that offers – through innovation and rule-breaking – a more satisfactory product, the ranks of unhappy and angry consumers abandon The old road to the new.

What if In the banking marketOne, I’m just saying one, he really presented himself that way fair and transparent In the eyes of customers, it would have 100% of that market share and would get rid of all others who, in the meantime, wouldn’t adapt. If devices Antitrust They were really aware of the low levels of customer satisfaction indicators for banks and wanted to guide credit institutions to be so focus on customer service, They must pose Four essential questions For their managers:
– You have clients profitable and not satisfied?
– You have rules that you want to make customers break because this breeds gods Revenues?
– You have rules that are so hard to understand that they actually confuse the customer who is not familiar with Risks Who manages their opposition?
Do you have contracts that prevent customers from them? Withdraws?

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I assure you that 100% of our system banks you will answer yes For at least one of these questions.

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