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“There is no room for betrayal” –

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From Guido Santificio

Chinese president asks former subjects of the British Empire about their party loyalty and warns capitalists: Anyone who opposes China-inspired policy is a traitor

yoCelebrating the priority of the Chinese Communist Party. This is the meaning of Xi Jinping’s blitzkrieg in Hong Kong. He got a new deep bow
chief executive officer

(governor) of the territory. Then he dictated the tasks. first of all, Demand more patriotism and loyalty from former subjects of the British Empire They became Chinese citizens 25 years ago, on July 1, 1997 with the return of the colony to the People’s Republic of China. He warned that foreign interference should not be tolerated or that traitors would infiltrate Hong Kong affairs to seize power. Translator: Whoever opposes the political line inspired by China is a traitor.

Then the boss turned to complacency, stating that there was no reason for that Changing the model of one country, two systemswhich should remain in force in accordance with international agreements until 2047. Indeed, in a situation that now forbids dissent and allows political thinking only if it is patriotic and sincere, why the need to formally abandon this principle? Xi knows he won the game when Beijing imposed China’s national security law on Hong Kong in 2020, and he It has brought almost all the leading figures of the democratic movement to prison or to self-exile.

Close the door to the political system, Xi has moved to the economic center, which has been historically crucial to a city that is a global financial center. He pointed out that Hong Kong residents should implement the basic principles of the Chinese socialist system. Demand (order) a better balanced relationship between the government and the market. A sentence that, given the pressure on large private tech groups in mainland China (from Alibaba to Tencent) Heralds more difficult times for billionaires and corporations in Hong Kong capitalismhitherto accustomed to operating under the rules of liberalism inherited by the British rulers, along with the separation of the judiciary from political power, common law and freedom of the press and political opinion. Xi explained that while they can pursue their capitalism, all Hong Kong residents should respect the leaders of the Communist Party.

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A paragraph dedicated to young people who are the heroes of the major protest movements for the years 2014 and 2019, Putting the party state in the face of the biggest challenge since Tiananmen. They need to be given a prosperous future for Hong Kong to thrive as well. Xi pointed to the problem of the cost of housing, which is often prohibitive even for the local middle class. These guys should think The new ruler, Jun Lee, who for 40 years was a police officer and then the district’s chief of security. In 2019, he stood out in the confrontation with the democratic protesters and then in the repression. Since 2020, it has implemented China’s new national security law, which has led to the pursuit of discord.

He has now received a Lifetime Achievement Award: the only candidate for the position chief executive officer He is regularly elected with 99% of the vote by a committee of 1,500 loyal dignitaries in Beijing.chief executive officer
It invokes a CEO and that’s what a city that owes its weight to financial activities needs. But Choosing a reliable policeman proves that Xi prefers public order, Political Security, may not trust that democratic sentiments have been wiped out with arrests and trials. In any case, it is clear that decisions on economic matters are also dictated by Beijing in Hong Kong, with many compliments to One Country Two Systems.

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