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Why Ukraine was never defeated :: Blog on Today

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According to many observers, the Kremlin aims to maintain some kind of status quo Ukraine. One of the signs of this is the willingness to accept a wheat deal. The Western Reds were no longer dominant with Russian artillery, and this tended to prevent even the small conquests that the invading army had hitherto been able to obtain in the Donbass, at the cost of the almost complete destruction of towns and villages.

There is danger. If the status quo is to somehow stabilize with Russia ruling over the Kherson, Mariupol region and the entire Luhansk region, then the final recapture (which would be legitimate, from the point of view of international law) by Ukraine could be viewed unfavorably in the West. . Many would say: “At the moment there is some kind of truce, does Ukraine want to start fighting again?”. Many blame Ukraine for the continuing war. They will add up to those who have been doing so for some time, not recognizing the invaders’ right to defend themselves.

Let’s not forget who’s wrong

In addition to issues of international law, which are also fundamental, one fact seems important: once again it cannot be said that Ukraine “lost” or “lost” the war. Sure, looking at the map it seems that it has lost a large part of the territory, but the military moves in Kherson say that it will be in the process of restoring the first area that came under the control of Moscow since February 24; Western arms support allows Kiev to repel and contain advances elsewhere; Meanwhile, Russia’s military capabilities are less important.

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To prevent the idea that we assumed that Ukraine was somehow responsible for an ongoing war, it would be important for Kyiv’s forces to at least retake the Kherson region as soon as possible. As a constant point, to remind the world that what has happened since February 24 is a profound injustice accompanied by inhuman and destructive situations as Russia invaded parts of the lands: cities razed to the ground, Russification starting from road signs and school books not to mention the gratuitous violence, murders, rapes, raids and burning of corn in the fields.

Wheat, in fact. The world did not have time to celebrate two separate agreements (Russia– Turkey, Ukraine and Turkey) for the release of 22 million tons of wheat from three Ukrainian ports, about half of which are intended for UN food aid programs in the poorest countries, which the next morning bombed the port of Odessa, one of the three ports from which the wheat will originate. According to the previously seen scenario for human corridors, every partial concession always follows a shock. Some believe that this position makes Russia a terrorist state. A country, however, fails to win the war it wages against international law.

The fall of Draghi was reinforced by the Russians

In this context, in Italy the government Mario Draghi. The three historically pro-Russian parties (Lega, Forza Italia and Movimento 5 Stelle) have withdrew the government, citing reasons that would also be accepted by their constituents but which are nothing more than electoral positions in light of the vote, perhaps at the most sensitive moment internationally in decades now. . Neglecting domestic issues (beach resorts and taxi drivers partying, while one wonders if the PNRR is safe and there are strong doubts, as we write, about the “200 bonus”), it seems clear that the war in Ukraine has severely broken down the parties whose voters are accustomed to a pro-Russian narrative. starting with opposing sanctions. Not surprisingly, Draghi’s downfall has been lauded by the Russian media and politicians. Italy, the weak link in the Western liberal and Atlanticist bloc, could in fact return to the Russian orbit. There are signs of Ukrainian phobia in the country, just read the comments on Facebook but also note the objective difficulties in which Ukrainian refugees find themselves in terms of renting apartments (despite having a one-year temporary European permit). Perhaps our compatriots did not fully understand the level of suffering of these people.

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And winter is approaching. According to some, Putin is ready to blackmail Europe with gas. It is also for this reason that it will be important not to give in an inch in matters of principle. Concessions to the aggressor state would be even more unfair if they were driven by the degrees of warming we can tolerate. From this point of view, the fall of one of Europe’s most resolute choice of field is not good news. Perhaps we should prepare for some winter sacrifices, very little compared to what Ukrainians are going through at home.

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