November 29, 2023

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Men and women, Soraya Allam arrives at Luca Salatino in Rome and denies rumors about the crisis

Men and women, Soraya Allam arrives at Luca Salatino in Rome and denies rumors about the crisis

Soraya Allam and Luca Salatino are still together, and the confirmation comes from a suitor for men and women.

Soraya Allam And the Luca Salatino They live their love story from afar then men and women, trying to fit into work commitments and not see each other as soon as possible. In the past hours, the beautiful suitor has informed fans that he is traveling to Rome, the birthplace of Tronista, denying rumors about a possible. crisis between them because of the distance.

Still men and women, Soraya and Luca together: the suitor confesses everything

After every choice men and women Self-respecting, the public only has eyes for the new couples that have formed, curious to see if this love will blossom even away from the cameras or if it will prove to be Flipping as in the case of Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone. So, after selection and red petals in the studio, Luca Salatino And the Soraya Allam They are under observation and all their gestures can make us think of a crisis or a declaration of love, even if in reality it is not so. Soraya, after she noticed a social gestureHe informed his fans that he is on his way to Rome to arrive Luca.

The two young classic throne heroes have repeated that they are not yet ready for local partnershipThus they are divided between Como and the capital, even if the most subtle indication is that the young woman often leaves rather than receives a visit from her lover. About assumptions about couple crisis that’s popping up on the web these days, secretly confess in Instagram:

“I think people talk and talk and let them talk. Maybe if they cared about us that’s a worthwhile business and they didn’t understand the concept of long distance relationship, so I invite them to go and read it.”

mark She looked so calm, I talked about her for a long time Luca And about their relationship, he reveals that he is not jealous and that it also cost how much Romans trust her, admitting that he wants to spend a few fiery hours with his beloved, and not being able to enjoy his presence in everyday life. So, at the moment, Luca And the secretly They get along well and love each other and who knows that in the future they did not expect to move in together.

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