December 2, 2023

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Cold and rainy, it sometimes snows in the Bergamo region

Cold and rainy, it sometimes snows in the Bergamo region

the weather. Precipitation and temperatures occur on Sunday at the end of February. Snow has also arrived in some areas of the Bergamo region, as expected, but only occasionally and for a short period.

The weather had announced snow and rain of a certain size: the rain had, in fact, arrived as the temperatures dropped. Snow sometimes mixes with water and in some areas of the Bergamo region – such as the upper city – The snow was clearly visible but for a short time.

In fact, the cold Arctic winds descended on central and northern Europe causing the temperatures to drop again: thus part of the cold flow flowed over the Bergamo region, opening a phase with winter indications after the above-average temperatures of these days.

Between Monday and Tuesday, some other snow rings are not excluded at very low altitudes, even in the north. «The new snowfall will continue in the next few hours, until Monday, intermittently, without significant accumulations – reports Luca Tirabuchi, weather expert -. However, a little snow attacks, and this depends on the low temperatures that will accompany us these days at the end of February.

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