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“The Italian Lynx has been destroyed in Ukraine. Taxpayers, are you happy now? But the armored car is Tekne from Kyiv

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there Russia Once again he enters the Italian political debate with a straight leg. And he does it in his own way: with a provocative post on social media on the day parliament debates extending arms shipments to Ukraine. Made in Italy. The Lince MLV armored car was delivered to the Ukrainian army near Artiomovsk (Bakhmut). Are all Italian taxpayers happy with this destination for their money? Embassy in Moscow to me Rome On Facebook, below a photo showing a destroyed armored car. Pictured from above, possibly from a drone, the car appears nearly smashed to the ground, its tires flat and stuck in mud, in the middle of a street in what appears to be a deserted village, in the middle of a small wooden block. Homes that are crashing. The Russian Diplomatic Headquarters, not new to similarly apocalyptic and cynical posts, points out that it is a Lince armored car paid for with Italian money and sent to Kyiv.

Moscow fake news

But the Defense Experts website, Ukraine Arms Tracker, previously published the same picture yesterday, explaining that “the Ukrainian multi-purpose MLS Shield vehicle, 11 of which were purchased in Italy by volunteers, was damaged by a Russian Grad missile in the east of the country,” where in recent weeks it has experienced a front stagnation but continues to reap victims. Weapon tracking website Ukraine It refers to 11 Shield armored vehicles that Italy bought last summer from former President Pedro Poroshenko, partly with its own money and partly through popular fundraising, was donated to the Kyiv troops to support the war against the Russian occupiers. Furthermore, according to the website, the vehicle in the photo “suffered minor damage and protected the crew and was later recovered.” It would not be a matter of the Lynx, as suggested by the Moscow embassy (Russia is also equipped with Lynxes, thanks to contracts for 200 vehicles concluded in the past years), but another move by Russian propaganda to divide public opinion on whether to continue providing free military aid to Kyiv or not.

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Arms Decree

A new decree is scheduled to extend the shipment of weapons and equipment to Ukraine for one year by December 31, Defense Minister Guido Crocito confirmed in the meantime after withdrawing the amendment presented by Rapporteurs Roberto Menea (FDI) and Clotilde Menassi (FDI). Lega) of the Decree-Law on the Participation of Military Personnel in Strengthening NATO Initiatives and Health Service Measures in the Calabria Region. In fact, the opposition demanded its removal: the Democratic Party, while reiterating Ukraine’s right to defend itself, emphasized how an issue like war deserved a special decree and not “an amendment by the rapporteurs, not by the government, which is a decree of a completely different purpose”. For the M5S, “It’s a matter of democracy. I hope that the government will have the courage to come to parliament to explain and address the debate that such a decision requires.” “The government has never hidden itself about the permits needed to send military vehicles, materials and equipment to Ukraine. Time and again we have made full and complete availability to report to the chambers.” , Crocito explained after receiving guarantees “from all parliamentary blocs to define and approve a decree on the merits of the subject by December 31, 2022”.

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