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In Canada, the first service was born to give a new home to elderly and sick orphaned cats

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Finding a home for a cat is a joy, but what happens to the animal if the owners fail? In Canada this system takes care of it

“My Grandfather’s Cat” is the name of an organization founded in 2021 by young Canadian Angela Rafus. Help elderly and sick cat owners find a new home for their cat Thus, when their time comes, their beloved cat will not go to the shelter or kitten, but will soon be adopted by a new family, comforting them that they will take care of the animals as always.

I am over 25 years old Cats have found a new home so far Thanks to the efforts of users who shared and donated Angela Rafuse, My Grandfather’s Cat and Orphan Cats adoption posts. This system is actually completely non-profit and has no costs to pay at the time of adoption or when an elderly person returns to their volunteers.

The idea of ​​creating such a special system came from someone Personal experience, When Angela recently decided to take her grandfather’s cat McKenzie, who turned 16, with her.

When the founder’s grandfather passed away, a family member had to take care of McKenzie, and that person was Angela. It was at that point that he realized how lucky the cat was to have someone to be with him, and wanted to work actively for all the other cats who were unlucky.

On May 18, 2021, his grandfather’s birthday, the first Canadian non – profit organization, My Grandfather’s Cat, was born, as evidenced by McKenzie. After all, no one would say a cat is 16 years old!

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