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Tu si Que Vales 2021 Flying to the Finals in Matte and Mine Skates from Canada

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You are worth it

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Tu Si Que Vales 2021 Saturday 6 November Mat and Mym final

Yesterday, Saturday 6 November 2021, the new episode of the Canale 5 show aired You are worth it. Also this year the arbitral tribunal, was formed Maria de Philippi, Theo Mammukkari, Rudy Serby and Jerry Scotty, Is on the hunt for “valuable” talent Sabrina Ferili Represents the popular arbitral tribunal. Meeting with You are worth it It is on Canal 5 every Saturday at 9.15pm.

Each week the referees express their opinions and get excited by the talents who get their 4 count and win even 100% of the audience and if all 4 referees stand by them they will go straight to the finals. Saturday, November 6 You are worthy A new pair has found the finalists Made e Mine They dance on skates and win everyone.

An end with the tunnel

Exhibition of Made e Mine It starts directly without introduction. The audience’s ovation d while on the notes Plane Matt not only makes his partner incredibly technically flawless but also attractive.

Then the music stops, Matt Brande in Mano Mine, LHas a head And without catching it starts to spin, keeping it in balance is really huge. Even more so when she grabs her hair and starts to spin, a performance that really should be seen (who Video from Witty TV).

The two are said to have come to Canada from Quebec and have been skating together for 6 years and traveling together in a circus. They all fit 4, 100% of the audience and they fly to the finals.

Tu Si Que Vales Where to stream

To retrieve yesterday’s episode You are worth it Visit the site MediaSet Infinity o Witty TV From the browser or application (downloadable) App Store Oh Google Games) And search the page dedicated to the program, where the full episode will be available, or the best videos of the evening.

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