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Into the future space of electrification and performance

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Alfa Romeo It is slowly moving towards a full electrification process.

Biscione’s first modernism was represented by tonalAnd the Class C SUVswas also recently suggested with Plug-in hybrid powerIn the future Alfa Romeo Numerous innovations that will allow clear and precise positioning between low and zero emission vehicles (LEV and BEV).

If a file Julia and the Stelvio He was the subject of a moderate face-lift which brought their foreheads very much in line with those of the tonalon the horizon Sedan Born in SUVthe next step will be complete electrification.

Competition, especially European, now offers a mild hybrid power supply or on tap, for almost the entire range, so the next step for the Arese-based company will be an important turning point.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio: also in an all-electric version?

In the recent press conference held on the occasion of the launch Tonal Plug-In Hybrid Q4And the Jean Philip I learned He laid out time and again, how in a few months a decision was made that would determine the fate of the brand, automatic transmission, all-wheel drive and fuel plugin hybrid On the compact SUV, on the Tonale, it returned from unprecedented sales success.

The aim is completely electrifying, in a few years the models can be proposed at the same time that inevitably recall the glorious history of the Biscione brand, and refer to GTV but also inthe feta.

If the identification of new paradigms is so much “clear”, it will be difficult to predict and understand what forms the future will have Alfa Romeo SUVs Will they have a line geared towards new market trends, see SUV coupes, from the new Peugeot 408 to the Citroën C5-X, just to mention two items already within the Stellantis range or will they remain faithful to tradition?

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The range that will move increasingly towards the premium segment, with tonal innovation process began, Brennera maxi SUV that can be placed a step above Stelvioit will be a compact hybrid.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Among the new entries in the future, it could be completely revised, there are those who talk about its complete repositioning, from sedan to compact SUV, but there are also those who expect complete electrification.

Two models with an innovative line, already in the house of Stellantis, the new Peugeot 408 and Citroen C5 X, rumors of the grid, anticipate the arrival of a technological, high-performance and luxury SUV coupe in the future of Biscione.

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