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The flag is at home in Trieste. Less than two weeks until the 95th SIBS Congress

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30.03.2023 – 3.58pm – There are less than two weeks left until the four-day event begins 95th National Congress of the Italian Society of Experimental Biology – SIBS 1925, which this year chose Trieste for the national event. Trieste is the European city that boasts the largest concentration of workers working in the field of scientific research and which, thanks to this, has gained international prestige over the years, also after establishing research centers on its territory and highly training in the region. Trieste will once again become a theater of scientific excellence, with meetings and appointments that will be an opportunity to communicate sciencethe right way, with distinguished guests and experts in the field.

And this is exactly with “science communication” which will open on the first day of the 95th Congress of the Italian Society of Experimental Biology, with masterful lectures by distinguished guests such as Andrina CountessDirector of the Historical Museum and Miramar Castle Park. Ferdinand Boyer Head of the Dohrn Museum, Maurizio Casiraghi, Vice-Chancellor of the University from the University of Milan “Bicocca”. We will understand how the science of communication is a complex activity that requires in-depth knowledge of the field. We will travel back in time from Maximilian Habsburg to the evolution of Communications 4.0 with focus on artificial intelligence And augmented reality as new communication opportunities also in the scientific world. Follow-up session “biology in space” which will open with a witty reading of Anna GregoryPhysicist and associate professor at the University of Trieste. In this session we will discover new frontiers that go beyond the life sciences. It will close today there discussion by titleCareer opportunities for STEM graduates and Ph.DWith speeches by important advocates of the world of work, finance, industry and technology transfer who will also provide information on Existing resources available to young researchers to launch new forms of scientific entrepreneurship.

The main purpose of the event is to put people at one table Four societies: business, scientific research, representatives of public administration and young scientists. It will be a valuable opportunity to exchange each other’s experiences and perspectives.

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The session will open on the second day “cellular stress” highlighting how this plays a role in the onset of tumors and neurodegenerative diseases. Then it will be the turn of the session “Micro and nanovesicles”A window into the unknown to explore new prospects for the clinical application of this resource as a therapeutic agent. This session will open with a witty reading of Sabrina BarkleScientific Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology of the University of Trieste. Session will follow Neurosciences New therapies have been applied to treat many diseases, from sclerosis, diabetes and dementia. “Experimental Oncology” Finally, it is the title of the session that will conclude the second day of the conference’s work.

> The third day will be reopened with the session “Biology of aquatic environments”: Characteristics of microalgae, novel plant collagen sources, and microorganisms living in inhospitable places such as polar lakes and their scientific applications. Reading proficiency Marcos Oliverio Dean of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” H Paula Del Negro Director of the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics OGS in Trieste.
there “translational biology” He will be taken care of Gaetano ThienProfessor of pathological anatomy with his distinguished reading, as in previous sessions. A large area will be allocated for the exhibition of these new technologies in the medical field to treat many diseases.
We will move towards the conclusion of the third day with the course environment and health With a witty read edited by Ezio Fulcheri Professor of Paleontology; This session will address issues such as the effect of pollutants on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract even the enemies of the Sicilian bee, which is a subspecies of the common bee. The day will end with the session allotted for Comparative Approaches to Anthropology Before the conclusion of the conference, which will consider young researchers as heroes, by allocating many prizes that will be allocated to them at the end of the conference in appreciation of the research work presented.

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