Home sport Appointment in Emilia-Romagna With new and exciting appointments from August 27 — News of Emilia-Romagna

Appointment in Emilia-Romagna With new and exciting appointments from August 27 — News of Emilia-Romagna


Bologna – Hockey, cross-country skiing, paragliding, and volleyball: It’s late August dedicated to the great sport of Emilia-Romagna.

There are four sporting events scheduled From Sunday 27 August The area, from Pavolo nel Fregnano (Mo) to Casaleccio di Reno (Po), passing through Correggio and Reggio Emilia, attracts fans and enthusiasts from all over the world. They are all part of the calendar of events you promote region Emilia-Romagna.

the program

from Sunday 27 August J. Paolucci Airport. Buffalo After the 2019 edition, Modena will host the “UEFA Champions League”. gliding. In fact, the world’s top 20 kitesurfers, coming from eight countries (Poland, England, Holland, Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Slovenia) will compete for 11th place. World Championship FAI Paragliding Competition – Grand Final, one of the most important global sporting events. In the morning, after checking the weather conditions, the race course will be decided. The award ceremony is scheduled for September 2 in Piazza Montecoccoli.

always sunday 27 august, date in Reggio Emilia with the 51st edition Granfondo Matildeca from cycling. The qualifying round for the Uci Granfondo World Championship is one of ten granfondos to be held in Emilia-Romagna, an event in which sport also becomes a tool for discovery and promotion of the region, as shown in the special “Cycling along the Emilia River”. Romania”(https://www.regione.emilia-romagna.it/notizie/approfondimenti/2023/maggio/alla-scoperta-delle-granfondo).

I am 1,100 cyclists At first, coming from 19 countries. There are two routes for qualifying test participants that can also be accessed by risers registered with the sports promotion bodies, who can also choose a third, shorter route, reserved only for cyclists.

Monday 28 AugustHowever, at Unipol Arena in Casaliccio de Reno (Bologna) The opening ceremony and the first match of the i Men’s European Volleyball Championship With the challenge between Italy and Belgium. Ferdinando De Giorgi, the defending champion and world champion, will open the tournament, which will run until September 16, in Italy, Bulgaria, Israel and North Macedonia.

Finally Oujda’s return roller hockey in Emilia-Romagna. Again, in fact, five years later a I correct Follow Favorite European Under-17 Championship male.

As for the women’s tournament, it is completely new and will be held at the same time.

From August 28th In fact, eight countries will compete for the title for boys (Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, England, Switzerland and Andorra) and five countries for girls (Italy, Portugal, France, Germany and England).

The finals are scheduled for September 2. Starting at 10 o’clock, every two hours, it will be possible to follow the matches in the “Dorando Petri” sports hall in Correggio.

All matches will also be broadcast Live broadcast On the YouTube channel of the Italian Rolling Federation.

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