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Canada delivers 39 LAV 6 8×8 to Ukraine

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Canada is in the process of delivering 39 factory-new 6 8 × 8 LAVs to Ukraine to improve the operational and defense capabilities of Ukrainian forces engaged in a war unleashed by Russia.

The LAV 6 8×8 (designated by Canada as an armored combat support vehicle) is part of a $500 million aid package approved by Ottawa in support of Kyiv.

The 39 armored vehicles were originally to be delivered to the Canadian military but the situation in Ukraine prompted the Ottawa government to “hijack” them and deliver them to Kiev.

The LAV 6 8X8 is manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems in London, Ontario, Canada.

LAV 6.0 is the Canadian Army’s designation for its improved LAV III platform, which was specifically developed to meet requirements emerging from a decade of theater experience in Afghanistan.

The LAV 6.0 version is equipped with an updated new generation 6.0 suspension and a 450hp power pack. It provides enhanced safety due to the double V hull that deflects the seats during entry and exit, which dampens explosions and energy. The vehicle features a fully digital electronic architecture with increased power output and situational awareness, improved turret human factors and updated vision systems.

The combat weight of this vehicle is 28.6 tons, length is 7.62 meters, width is 2.78 meters and height is 3.16 meters. The top speed on road is over 100 km/h and the range is 600 km, while off road the top speed drops to 40 km/h and the range is 450 km.

The version sold to the Ukrainians is a Troop / Cargo Vehicle (TCV), capable of carrying up to a dozen men, including crew, and armed with either a remotely controlled RWS or a manually controlled heavy / medium machine gun.

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