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A space for ‘invisible’ young voices

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The Giffoni Film Festival celebrated its 52nd anniversary from July 21-30. This edition, like previous editions, had a central theme: “The Invisible”. A particular theme especially after two years of the pandemic where ə men, the main festival protagonists, have been ousted by the institutions. The Giffoni Film Festival features different sections divided by age, from +3 to +18, for access to the IMPACT Masterclass – which brings together people aged 18-30 – and to the GEx Doc – Documentaries for Parents. It was precisely the IMPACT Masterclass, the most showcased section of the festival, that had the opportunity to meet politicians, economists, journalists, singers and companies to discuss what was wrong with our country, to dispel doubts and try to look at the world with different eyes.

On the first day, Giorgia Soleri arrived in the blue room of the IMPACT Masterclass where the topics of unseen diseases – particularly discussion, vulvitis and vulvar neuropathy – mental illness, social activity, sexism and how to protect oneself when fighting for it were addressed. who believes: “My advice is: If you want to study these issues, you should know that we are the first victims of sexism, that we should do what we feel to protect ourselves, mentally and physically, to protect our image. In this regard, he made a plea: Feminism does not mean female. It would be nice for the males present to take matters into their own hands and say ‘that’s sexist’ because otherwise the onus will always be on us and we don’t always have to put ourselves in dangerous situations to overcome sexism.” There was also talk of sex and sexual pleasure and a barrage of applause, because at last one could talk about “uncomfortable” topics without interruption.ə, whose president of the Campania region Vincenzo de Luca comes to remember how the older generation is still sexist. during the Speech With the opening of the 52nd Giffoni Film Festival, De Luca wanted to leave Warning to all girls is in the room »Be present to yourself and remember an image that was placed on social media, and never delete it again! So when you go dancing, keep cool, because those who feel the heat are here…cover up! AVOID THESE THINGS YOU ARE PHOTOGRAPHED AND THEN SEND… BUT WHO ARE YOU SENDING IT TO? Be present for yourself, you need to live in peace and then not have big problems” Because the blame should always lie with the women, not the men who abuse them.

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One of the most talked about names was Professor at LUISS Alessandro Orsini. The meeting saw the boys well prepared in front of the professor’s attempts to distract the questions, who had proven to know everything throughout the meeting. “I give you a month to find my statement and prove it to be false.” Alessandro Orsini said in a defiant tone to an audience prepared for peaceful debate who then found himself raising his tone of voice tired of being mocked by a university professor who treated them as students to teach rather than as people, in some cases qualified, to carry on a constructive conversation with. For another provocative sentence by Alessandro Orsini «Are you happy living in Italy, the country where they hide the truth from you? “ giveaway he answersI can say yes, I am very happy to live in Italy, to be able to attend this festival, to stand and be free to tell a microphone that I do not like the Draghi government if I think it is correct.” In short, the voices of the new generation were not intimidated by those with different and decisive ideas.

You are a smart, intelligent young man who is capable of self-determination. You have shown these days, with us, that no one can speak for you anymore. Your freedom and your freedom is untouchable and I will not allow anyone to pollute it.” The words of Claudio Gobitossi, Director and Founder of the Giffoni Film Festival, during Speech In conclusion, proud of the work done by the girl. To give them more power, I reminded them that although they are in fact considered “invisible”, they are not and that their voice can really change things: “Each of you is the heritage of Italy and can change the fate of your country. no need to be scared.

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