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Car muffler, if black smoke comes out, start worrying: here are the causes and remedies

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There are many reasons that can lead to this phenomenon, but one in particular stands out. Is it a serious problem? Here is the answer…

There is no doubt about one thing: if Black smoke coming out of the car’s muffler We saw this scene…Something wrong. However, we need to understand exactly what can happen and the reasons can be different. It’s not all irritating, fortunately for us, despite this phenomenon that clearly jumps into the eye.

Black smoke coming out of the muffler: Here are the possible causes

Black smoke certainly has a very frequent cause in vehicle operating mechanisms, namely Bad fuel mix. But this is precisely the phenomenon that must be properly analyzed, because, in turn, it is due to a number of factors.

First of all, it will be necessary to understand the starting point: this abnormal spill reaches a level Cold or hot engine? This simple question can lead to very important exception answers. In the first case, that is, a cold engine, black smoke is almost certainly caused by problems with the engine air valves or from incorrect settings in a file fuel injection system, That once a car starts up, it instantly does damage.

Diagnostics by experts of the trade (mechanics, shop workers) will obviously be necessary, but one of the first steps to solving the problem may be:cleaning work or changing the particulate filter diesel, which could be clogged.

Weird Muffler Leaks, Here’s What To Concern And When

If, on the other hand, the muffler emits black smoke when the engine is hot, we must check some components of the car in particular. for the first time by injection, if it is very dirty, it can create problems and be the source of leakage. Second: You must also perform an examination on air filterwhich may be full of dust. Impurities naturally affect the amount of combustible air in the combustion chamber.

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Here's when to worry: In this case, there may be an oil leak in the combustion chamber
Here’s when to worry: In this case, there may be an oil leak in the combustion chamber

As with injectors, this potential problem can also be managed without spending a fortune, but with Maintenance and/or replacement of items in the question. The third check can also relate to throttle: To check this, you will first need to remove the air filter, in fact, to the exclusion. This component is located in the center of the carburetor body and must ensure the correct balance of fuel and air. Black smoke is just a frequent cause of malfunction of this valve.

Finally, there is a fourth problem that is not always alarming injection probes, Which can be defective without affecting bad combustion. The workshop will also take this into account. So when do you worry? In the only case where the The color of the smoke will not be black, but white (Probability of water entering the flue gas) o the sky is blue (worse, oil in the combustion chamber). The mechanics repairs in these cases will be more important and the costs will be higher…

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