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“Now a space in his name”

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Bologna, February 21, 2023 – atOrsi garage the fall Silence on the tenth anniversary of death Fifth bearsmechanical A 73-year-old man was killed during a robberyOn a business day like any other.

a Unjust deathwhich It still deeply touches the souls of the citizens And the family that comes close to remembering the man and worker Quinto ten years after his death. a intimate memorydirectly at the workshop in Via Ferrarese, as well Relatives and merchants in the areaParticipated in the city administration and law enforcement officers. “I thank you on behalf of the Naville District for being here, and perpetuating the memory of Quinto,” he says Federica Mazzoni, Head of Navel District-. Institutions is close to the family, because what happened to Quinto has also caused irreversible pain to the community. we Share and neighborsAnd this date is a way of saying you can’t die like this. The police presence is not official“.

Besides the family, there are also the commercial realities of the area: “We’d like Quinto to come I remembered with a distance in Bolognacalled by his name – asks the merchant -. An important gesture would be to remember the event and the Quinto man. What happened to Quintus could have happened to any merchant, who stands in the street with his own business. ” Among those present are the President of the Council of Ministers, Matilda of Madrid, and the former member of the Council, Alberto Aetini.

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