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How to ‘quietly’ leave a group chat without leaving ‘left’

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WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application and recently there are many news related to it.

The latest important news for this platform is React to messages with emojisTransfer files further and expand group participants.

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But not only. With WhatsApp you can chat in another language without even knowing it. But there are many news that Meta wants better on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp News: The way to leave chatting ‘silently’ is coming

In fact, it’s recent news that this app is working on a way to allow chat members to “silently” leave the group.

Indeed, at the moment, when a person wants to leave a group or leave a group, the gesture is public. In fact, an inscription appears of what is going on. Given that each group can have about 256 members, maybe if more people give away, notifications can distract the other members.

For this reason, the developers of WhatsApp are creating a way to leave the chat that only alerts admins. Then, when a group member abandons a dialog with the inscription “Only you and the group admins will receive a notification that you have left the group”.

Links and status updates

Moreover, WhatsApp is also working on another novelty related to link sharing. In fact, even now, if we enter a link in the status update, we only see the URL. In the near future in WhatsApp, you will be able to see more detailed previews.

However, to see the latest WhatsApp news, the new functionality, currently in development, has to be distributed to the public.

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