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Will Silent Hill be exclusive to PS5? “It’s very likely” according to Jeff Grob –

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These days there is a rumor spreading on the internet. Obviously we’re talking about the silent HillThe alleged new game produced by Konami. As indicated, Sony is involved in the project and the second Jeff Grouplet’s talk about PS5 Exclusive.

Specifically, Grubb was speaking his own way TwitterIn response to a user who asked if Silent Hill would be a PS5 exclusive. The reporter’s words were: “It’s very likely that this will happen. Yes.”

As always, remember that it’s only about Rumors. Furthermore, in this case, Grubb appears to have more to say than report an actual leak. However, his opinion is adding to other leaks, such as the opinion of Dusk Golem that he recently shared. Grob’s words, among other things, do not confirm complete exclusivity. The game can also be released immediately on PC, or it can be completely exclusive but only temporary, as happened with Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Also, the Xbox version can be released later. It all depends on the type of agreement between Sony, Konami and the game developer.

However, remember that There is no kind of confirmation Responsible for the new Silent Hill. At the moment they are just leaks and rumours. The sounds are so loud that it’s hard not to believe the existence of the game, but we must never forget the separation between rumor and official.

Having said that, Silent Hill will text us while we’re not playing, for a rumour.

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