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Spain beats the Czech Republic, Cristiano Ronaldo leads Portugal – or any sport

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An intense evening of the Nations League football. In League A, Portugal beat Switzerland 4-0 local. Cristiano Ronaldo was the absolute star: in the 15th minute he assisted in Carvalho’s goal and then scored two superb goals between 35 and 39 minutes, while in the 68th minute Cancelo had turned the score. The Lucitanians take the lead in Group 2 with The Czech Republic, today able to draw with Spain 2-2: Pasek put the hosts ahead in the 4th minute, Gavi equalized in the first half, and Kochta netted in the 66th minute, but Martinez saved the Red Ioris in the 90th minute.

But in League B, Norway defeated Sweden away 2-1 (Haaland’s usual goal, Ilanga’s pointless goal in full recovery) and elevated himself to the individual leadership of Group 4 by three points ahead of Sweden and Serbia can beat Slovenia Against 4-1 (Milinković-Savic, Jovic and Radungk decide in the second half, after a back-and-forth between Mitrovic and Stojanovic in the first half).

In League C, Macedonia beat Gibraltar Against 2-0 (Bardy and Nikolov), while Cyprus and Northern Ireland tied with white goals. A clear victory for Georgia in Bulgaria (5-2) and Greece 1-0 over Kosovo. Finally in League D Malta beat San Marino 2-0. Here are all the results of the Nations League evenings.

Nations League results today (June 5)

League A:

Portugal – Switzerland 4-0

Czech Republic 2-2 Spain

League B:

Serbia-Slovenia 4-1

Sweden 1-2 Norway

League C:

Cyprus 0-0 Northern Ireland

Gibraltar 0-2 North Macedonia

Bulgaria 2-5 Georgia

Kosovo – Greece 0-1

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San Mario 0-2 Malta

Photo: La Presse

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