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President Prigozhin wants mines and tunnels – Corriere.it

President Prigozhin wants mines and tunnels – Corriere.it

Military point 325 | For five months, the mercenaries of the Special Company in Ukraine have been attacking to penetrate the defenses around Bakhmut and the suburb of Soledar, the epicenter of the battle.

Evgeny Prigozhin wants Conquering Bakhmut Tunnels, a wide net used in salt and chalk mines but of military value. Wagner head he told the media to Explain the continued attacks on the Ukrainian resort.

For five months i Private corporate mercenaries They go on the offensive to Breaching the defenses around Bakhmut and the suburb of Solidarepicenter of battle. militiamen – Including released ex-convicts As long as they wear uniforms -, Reservists and regulars they have They invested enemy lines, leaving hundreds of personnel in the field and causing heavy casualties among the defenders. Artillery fire, small drone incursions dropping grenades into the trenches, and a deluge of bombs swept through. Homes have been turned into shelters, and ruins into additional protection. A tough stronghold to conquerAnd Prigozhin himself admitted this To justify the very slow progress.

for this fact The director of the Kremlin’s favorite company added details of the galleries. Actually, those famous ones Solidar District, tens of kilometers long, with vast spaces where concerts and events were held in the past. Prigozhin now argues so Their conquest will be the icing on the cake These words are used accordingly Reuters – from the blow. Because, he adds, they can house soldiers and weapons of all kinds. Then there is the economic aspect of the target, the mines themselves: The Americans supported it a few days ago Compare it to what Wagner did in Africa, where it participates with the support of local armies in the exploitation of deposits. but clearer Comparison with the Azovstal steel plant in MariupolAnd Thanks to a network of tunnels dating back to Soviet times, the Ukrainian resistance held out to the bitter end. Then the fighting ended with the surrender of the fighters and the civilians holed up in impossible conditions.

hierarchy strategy lessons, Always very active and presentrespond indirectly to Questions about the reason for the company’s great effort on Bakhmut. Over and over again, experts offered their scenarios: the eventual capture of the city is successful both militarily and symbolically; It could be victory It was used internally by Vladimir Putin and by Prigozhin to increase the prestige of his unit, a tool for expanding its role on the Moscow stage. Wagner, after paying an exorbitant cost, Change tactics: Switched from waves of infantry to introducing small squads to reduce enemy fire targets. This move has borne fruit. The leaked photos are terrifying: Swamps of corpses between the muzzles of cannon fire, corpses in positions, half burnt. The tragic balance shared with the Ukrainians and foreign part of the legion born after the invasion.

An interesting figure has emerged among the supporters of the crisis: Abdul Hakim Al-Sishani. The Chechen, the leader of a small faction, participated in the guerrilla war in Syria against Assad and witnessed extreme positions even as an opponent of the Islamic State. It falls into the category of the so-called leaders of light. Researcher Vera Mironova tweeted that Cechani, who was implicated in the kidnapping of a Briton and accused of murder, was released by the Turks last October and now It reappeared in the area of ​​operations in Ukraine. A video shows him firing a Swedish anti-tank missile at the Russians. The presence of Abdul Hakim, given his past, may interest the intelligence services but also Create image problems in Kyiv. Chechens are not the only ones among the volunteers who arrived in the country to make their contribution to the fight against the invaders. Indeed A battalion of exiles was created And also – to stay in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe former Soviet Union – The units in which Belarus is locatedAnd Georgians, and Tatars, and Central Asian Turks. Moscow responds with the forces of the Grozny dictatorAnd Ramzan Kadyrov, hardworking and boastful Like Prigozhin in responding to Putin’s orders.

Jan 8, 2023 (changed Jan 8, 2023 | 7:00 p.m.)


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