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“No one is unbeatable. We will show what we are capable of” – OA Sport

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The Wells in a difficult position to qualify. The Dragons drew their first match against the United States, but lost badly to Iran in the second round. To pass the round they must beat their English “cousins”. And that may not be enough. It takes real work.

Robert Page He used powerful words in the press conference to describe his team’s first two World Cup performances:We’ve worked so hard to be here… I’m frustrated that we haven’t shown anywhere near the level of performance that got us here, which is really disappointing. We have to play, whether we win or not, in a way that makes all our fans proud. This tournament proves that Anyone can winSo, of course, England too. We want to show what we are capable of“.

And also the captain and star of the team, Gareth BaleHe added with remarks: “We were disappointed with some of the shows. We are in the World Cup with some excellent teams, but we will always give 100%. We’ve been working hard to make things better and hopefully things will change for us. We have to continue to work hard, and keep up the morale. We would have loved to win, but the truth is football is tough. However, I no longer felt responsible for playing against England“.

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