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North Korea, In Serious Food Crisis, Literally Tells Citizens To “Eat Less”

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The North Korea Since the beginning of the epidemic Corona virus disease (So ​​since the beginning of 2020) it closed its borders and banned all imports of goods from China, but today it is facing serious food shortages. The authorities have warned the population to prepare for a worse economic situation than hard walk, the Korean name for the 1994-1998 famine which, according to various estimates, killed millions of people.

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Food emergencies to 2025

Radio Free Asia (RFA) contacted anonymous sources in North Korea who spoke of a “grave emergency”. Authorities reported that the possibility of reopening customs between North Korea and China before 2025 was very limited. But the nutritional situation is already at this moment – confirmed sources mentioned by British Express – It’s an emergency and people are starving. When Kim Jong Un said that Koreans need to consume less food until 2025, they are in deep despair. Some residents say the situation is so bad now that they don’t even know if they will be able to survive next winter.

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Another resident of Hoeyrong, a northeastern border town of 150,000 people, also says that North Koreans have doubts about Kim Jong Un about the epidemic: “The Koreans are already struggling to beat them, they have already tightened their belts as much as possible and resent the unrealistic demands by the authorities, They wonder how hard it is to tighten belts.” One of the main messages of leader Kim Jong Un at the 8th Workers’ Party Congress in January was that the country would reduce its dependence on imports. North Korea also faces international sanctions stemming from its nuclear program.

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