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China ‘shoots’ Canadian duck feathers

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September 13, 2021

Canada Duck

China is establishing itself as a landmine for Western brands. The latest brand to face the accusation campaign of the Chinese media Canada Duck. The Down Jacket brand was fined National Institutional Credit Information Advertising System, The organization that regulates the advertising world in China, was fined 450 thousand yuan, about 59 thousand euros, for advertising, which was considered to be misleading consumers about the products used in down jackets, thus violating Chinese laws. Advertising.

The Chinese regulator has denied Canada’s claim that all the feathers on its jackets “contain the hottest of the best and hottest down jackets in Canada.” Chinese advertising law prohibits words such as “superior” or “excellent”. Also, it turned out that the claims were misleading because the heat below was not directly related to its appearance, and it did not come from the Hatterite area, the homeland of the famous duck feathers for their warmth anyway. . Canada Goose immediately responded to the allegations and washed a part m. The brand acknowledged that there was a ‘text error’ that appeared earlier this year in a store running on Chinese e-commerce site Tmall. The panel note underscores that “the bug was fixed immediately.”

China is an important market for many luxury brands, including Canada Goose. Earlier this month, the company reported strong sales in China, which more than doubled its revenue in the first quarter compared to the same period last year. Turnover in China increased by 188.7 percent.

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However, the Canada Duck case is only the culmination of a series of political tensions between Canada and China. Relations between Ottawa and Beijing have been particularly strained since the arrest of Canadian officials. Meng Wancho, Administrator Huawei Technologies At the request of the United States in 2018, Co. Ltd. In response, some users on Chinese social media sites supported the boycott of Canada Goose products.

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