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Sony cites Bethesda and Starfield exclusives to justify distrust of Microsoft over CoD –

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Again from the documents sent before Sony at CMA Brits comes up with more details about the ongoing battle between PlayStation and Xbox, with the former also noting the behavior that happened afterThe Bethesda acquisition and Starfield exclusivity to justify Distrust of Microsoft And in his Call of Duty deal.

Among the various instances where Microsoft has not respected agreements in the past, Sony also mentions Bethesda and the fact that after the acquisition, the company exclusively made some previously cross-platform games even contradict reports. In particular, the exclusive Starfield would be a reason not to believe Microsoft’s words, Sony reported to the CMA.

“Although it’s not the same violation In terms of formal commitments, Microsoft’s behavior in relation to the ZeniMax acquisition provides further evidence of the need to tread carefully,” Sony said in documents sent to the UK antitrust firm.

The case in question, as Sony itself says, is not very similar to that of Activision Blizzard: the ZeniMax acquisition was in fact not subject to any special lien, and therefore there are no “formal obligations” to appeal to, also bearing in mind that Microsoft’s official position He was always thinking of releasing exclusive or cross-platform games “case after case”as evidenced by retention of exclusives to The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Deathloop, and Ghostwire Tokyo.

It is understood, however, that Sony also wants to use these episodes to raise doubts about the validity of Microsoft, although Jim Ryan himself has questioned the critical importance of the agreement if it is true that he has stated, as reported, that he cares not about any agreement but only in Takeover prevention.

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