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Sonia Broganelli: “Gf Vip Columnist? A space for young people”

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Last May, he told the weekly Gente: “At Big Brother Vip, I put myself in the service of curating and it made sense. I don’t think I’ll ever be credible as a critical analyst againIn fact, after a few months she returned to Big Brother VIP As a commentator, more credible than ever. But this is ancient history, which is important Sonya Broganelli. Who gave an interview in these hours to the weekly Che. At one point he answered a question like this”What if Alfonso offered you to be a columnist for the third time?

I think it’s the youth’s turn. I hope some girls out Gf like Salimi and Soleil will have this chance. For them it is a way to participate without the responsibility of management.

In practice, the farewell announcement can be made in a few weeks, when, finally, the seventh edition of Gf vip (Yesterday with a 21% share, all ratings here – final due monday 3 april, then space forFamous Island by Ilary Blasey). Will Signorini’s somewhat supposed flirtation cause her to change her mind again, or will the stated intentions – complete with hints from the heirs – turn out to be true? And if the latter prevails, will it be for Sonia Bruganelli a TV farewell in front of the cameras or just a goodbye?

In all of this, while waiting to understand Bruganelli’s future, is confirmation Uretta Bertie In the role of commentator on the reality show Canale 5. Can the “space for youth” rule apply in this case as well, or will the choice of Endemol and Mediaset cross another quota? Questions to which answers will come only in the coming months.

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