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Women in science. Meeting and studying with students of “Rosina Salvo” in Trapani

Women in science.  Meeting and studying with students of “Rosina Salvo” in Trapani

Women have historically been undervalued in STEM subjects for several reasons: gender bias, cultural stereotypes, and unequal opportunities. These factors have contributed to creating an environment in which women have less access to STEM education and employment opportunities than men.

This was the topic of a meeting with some students from the “Rosina Salvo” Institute of Higher Education in Trapani, in which in recent days three speakers took part: Paola Puma, associate professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Palermo; Antonella Granello, Committee Member of the Neldi Ioti Foundation; Daniela Smirni, from the Department of Psychological, Pedagogical, Physical Exercise and Training Sciences at the University of Palermo. The work was presented by the school's principal, Giuseppina Messina, Professor Loredana Monaco (teacher of mathematics and physics) and Professor Rosaria Bonfiglio (teacher of humanities). The meeting celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

During discussions with students, it emerged, as Professor Boma emphasized, that over the years, there has been a growing awareness of unequal opportunities between boys and girls and several initiatives have been put in place to address it. Today, women play an increasingly important role in STEM subjects in multiple ways, starting with academic participation. Women are working to increase their presence in colleges and academic institutions in STEM disciplines.

Professor Smyrny noted that more and more women are taking on leadership roles in the technological, scientific and engineering sectors. There are more mentoring and support programs to help women advance their careers and overcome challenges associated with gender discrimination. Moreover, the contribution of young graduates and undergraduates to scientific research and technological innovation is increasingly important, as demonstrated by various interventions.

Antonella Granillo stressed the diversity of viewpoints between men and women, which represents an added value and leads in the scientific and research field to more creative and comprehensive solutions. Having three speakers, each an important figure in their field, is clear evidence of how schools can play a role in empowering girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects by addressing gender disparities in these fields, and promoting access to the opportunities and resources needed to excel, explaining The benefits of STEM subjects and the career opportunities available in these fields. Early awareness can help reduce gender stereotypes and increase girls' interest in STEM majors.

Finally, the day of meeting and discussion was certainly an example of mentoring: professional women in STEM who shared their experiences. Interacting with female role models can inspire girls and show them that it is possible to succeed in STEM.


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