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Ukraine Direct War – Putin: “The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO is not a threat.” Borrell: “Oil embargo? No guarantee”

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Putin: ‘NATO expansion is artificial’

“NATO expansion is artificial”. The Russian president said that Russian President Vladimir Putin Quoted by the Russian TASS news agency. “Russia has no problems with Finland And SwedenTheir possible membership in NATO does not pose any threats to Moscow.”

Kuleba: The sixth package includes the oil embargo

“I started my visit in Brussels To push for the sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia which should include an oil embargo.” The Ukrainian Foreign Minister wrote: Dmitro Koleba on Twitter. I will also focus on supplying other weapons and granting EU candidate status to Ukraine. We believe that Ukraine deserves an individual and merit-based assessment.”

Finland participates in exercises with 250 soldiers

Finnish, Swedish, American and Ukrainian soldiers participate from today to maneuvers from Boy at Estonia: participate in the total 16 thousand soldiers from 11 countries. According to the media from Helsinki250 Finnish soldiers are taking part in the “Hedgehog 2022” exercises, which began the day after Finland announced its request to join NATO. The maneuvers will include all objects of the armed forces, land, sea, air, and even electronic units. The exercises were not specified as a result of the Russian invasion, but were planned for a year already, according to the deputy commander of the Estonian forces, Viko Velo Palm, but he explained that other countries have been added in recent weeks.

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The leader of the Belarusian pro-Kyiv group was killed

Leader Belarusian battalion Castus Kalinovskywho joined the Ukrainian forces to fight the Russians, was killing. The same battalion announces this on social media. “Our battalion suffered a great loss today. During the liberation of the Ukrainian village from the Russian occupation, a detachment commander was a soldier of our battalion. Pavel Folat He was fatally wounded. They tried to take him to the hospital in a critical condition, but it was too late.” Pavel was “a true legendary warrior – the battalion knows him -: he was wounded several times, but each time he cheated death and returned to service.” According to Ukrainian media reports, he is the sixth Belarusian He has been dying in Ukraine since February 2022 while fighting against the Russian occupiers.

Sweden, today the official application for NATO membership

there Official request from joining Boy from Sweden It is expected for today. The move came in the country, which has kept itself out of military alliances since the Napoleonic Wars, after Finland announce to him Prepare to join NATO. Today’s discussion allows the Social Democratic government to show that there is tremendous support for membership. Only two of the eight small left-wing parties oppose it

Sweden: ‘Historic change for our safety’

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson He told parliament that the NATO membership application represented a “historic change in the course of NATO’s security policy.” SwedenParliamentary debate is a formality as there is a clear majority of lawmakers in favor of joining NATO. There Official request from adhesion In the Boy Sweden Waiting for today. The move in the country, which has been kept away from military alliances since the Napoleonic wars, came after Finland announced its willingness to join NATO. Today’s discussion allows the Social Democratic government to show that there is tremendous support for membership. Only two of the eight small left-wing parties oppose it.

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Schultz wants to continue dialogue with Putin

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz Wants to complete for him Mediation Attempts with the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin: A German government spokesperson said today, Stephen Hipstreet, as reported by Dpa. The spokesman stressed that the war in Ukraine risks turning into a war of positions and at this stage “it is important to try to resume the dialogue on how to stop the killings and the weapons.” Last week Shultz spoke by phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and, after weeks of silence, also resented Putin by phone, trying to “take the diplomatic path again, no matter how difficult it may be.” During the last phone call with Moscow, Schulz again asked Putin to reach a ceasefire as soon as possible, work towards improving the humanitarian situation and take steps in the search for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

Melitopol “50% of citizens escaped”

The 50% of the citizens from Melitopol Occupied by the Russian army fled. This was stated by the mayor of the city in southeastern Ukraine Ivan Fedorov On TV, citing Kyiv Independent, indicating that 65,000 have left their homes, and about 70,000 are still in the city. “Only the elderly, who have elderly relatives or those who have no means and relatives in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government have not left the city,” he said.

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