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He was in a sanatorium in Florida

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Judging by the foolishness that has been done on the sets ass forever And from the series before that, one certainly does not imagine the quiet life of famous businessmen. One of them ended up in a Florida rehab after being fired for a positive drug test, but is now gone. Here’s who and what happened with the others.

With its theatrical release earlier this year, Jackas Forever has set such a record At the box office – at least when compared to the extremely low production costs – to pay Paramount to announce a file Jackass’ new small screen reboot. The film saw the return of almost all the stars of the series and the first three films, to a lesser extent Pam MargheraHe was fired from production after allegedly violating a “welfare agreement” due to his alcohol and drug abuse. It’s over with the star Rehabilitation Center in Florida Court-commissioned, but according to TMZ It’s currently missing For the second time in two weeks.

According to the report, police are looking for the starlet after Margera was last seen on Saturday night in Deerfield Beach after leaving the LifeSkills apartment facility without permission. Margera had previously left the facility on June 13 They state that they are not satisfied with their services and are planning to check in somewhere else. The stuntman was found days later at the Delray Beach Hotel: “We have been told that He had been off medication for several days and his team was worried he would relapse. Sources close to Pam tell us that the reason he left the rehab center was partly due to his separation from his wife.– TMZ writes.

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The feud between Margera and her former co-stars became known last year after the star revealed that she had revealed He is kicked out of Jackass Forever. Margera filed a lawsuit (later filed) stating that while he was in rehab in 2019, Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jones B”welfare agreementThat would have halted his participation in Jackass’s fourth film. The deal reportedly would have forced him to undergo “countless breath and urine tests” as a condition of retaining his role in any project. The future of Jackass. Margera said she did not violate the terms of that agreement, but with It was launched after a Positive drug test for Adderallwhich he claims had a prescription.

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