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From Canadian soccer icon to clochard: The story of former defender Paul John James

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From a Canadian soccer icon clochards. The story is Paul John JamesEx Football player A Canadian of Welsh descent, now 59, among the elderly Protagonists In the 1980s, he participated in the 1984 Olympics, won the Concacaf Championship in 1985 and participated in the Canadian national team. Mexico 86 World Cup What up to the most recent World Cup Qatar 2022 It was the North American country’s only appearance in the World Championship review.

Today can overcome him London StreetsAs “Daily Mail Sport” said: Ex Football playerIt protects itself from cold Checked blanket, holding out his red wool hat, a man in a suit and tie offers three cents, while another passerby buys him a coffee. Many stop to give him a small alms, but not everyone recognizes him.

With the Canadian national team he played in the World Cup in Mexico representing Michel Platini

James is one Football players Very successful and appreciated Wales and Canada. Born in Cardiff on November 11, 1963 and grew up on his parents’ farm before the family moved to Toronto in 1980. He played for the national team Canada 47 times Including three races in the World Cup, in which he marks events of skill Michael Platini. In Mexico, with a shirt Monterey He won the national title in 1986. As soon as he hung up his boots, the former defender began a coaching career (since 1989). He trainedWomen below 20 years He won the Concacaf title with Canada, while also reaching the World Cup with the men’s under-20 team. And it was Bahamas coach In 2010. It was hers Recent professional experience In the world of football. His face stands out among others in Wales Sports Legends The likes of Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas, Welsh international star Gareth Bale and rugby champion Sam Warburton on Cardiff’s Whitchurch High School ‘Wall of Fame’.

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Played 47 matches for Canada
Played 47 matches for Canada

Despite this, today it is a homeless A beggar (a word he likes) wanders around London.Fundraiser“). He has been unemployed for 13 years Six are homeless, “Daily Mail Sport” continues. He returned to England from Canada shortly before the epidemic struck. Ex Football player He says he experienced discrimination in the North American country Drug addiction. He smoked Cocaine First in 1998 and over the next decade he developed, James asks everyone to describe him, a substance use problem. His worst condition Mental conditions Due to abuse Drugs It caused him to lose his coaching position York University in Toronto He fought a long legal battle with it, but was defeated. Because of the contempt and discrimination with which he was viewed, because of the fact that he was now labeled as one A homeless drug addict, decided to move to Great Britain. He lives in London Beggar Nand the suburbs of Embankment, Piccadilly and the Strand, wandering around with his belongings (blankets, clothes and a small iPad screen cracked) in a black duffel bag and sleeping in cardboard cut-outs of Charing Cross or Westminster Cathedral. He recently took refuge in a boarding house near Holborn. “If you want to know what people’s utter contempt and hatred looks like, be a shut-in. But even if you want to see moments of extraordinary kindness and humanity from people,” he tells “Daily Mail Sport”. He adds: “Why raise money? To be independentTo restore some semblance of normalcy. I can wear my own clothes and shoes, not second-hand clothes. So I don’t have to raise a lot of funds to buy my stuff”.

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