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Sheer dress on the red carpet

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Elisa de Banishes is going crazy. The influencer makes the Cannes red carpet hot. The shots and videos that saw the Lombard supermodel on the “Podium” of one of the most important film festivals in the world were posted on Instagram. Fans literally went crazy.

He doesn’t give his fans a break Elisa de Baneques. In fact, the Lombard model is trying to be present on social media at a daily pace. In fact, every day it is possible that you will notice a new post, photo or video. The model is currently in Cannes for the film festival that takes place every year in the well-known French location. In the period when the festival is celebrated, it is possible to observe a long tide Important personalities and actors Famous internationally.

Elisa de Baneques

Everything can be said about Elisa de Baneques Even if it is selective. It is clear to everyone that the model works in different sectors. Not just Instagram permission. So it is not only effective. In fact, for some time now, she was one of the most famous supermodels. After appearing in Italian and Spanish TV shows, the model, also through social media, managed to become known all over the world. Until 2020, in fact, she appeared in several television productions. Last seen back to Big Brother VIP IV. For some time, he also embarked on a singing path. In the past few months, two singles with the title have been released “Dell” and Tico-Tac Who made the watch record record in Youtube In the moments immediately following the posting of videos in which the model is the absolute hero.

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Elisa de Baneques He reports everything he goes through in Cannes on Instagram. His followers are illusion More than 1.4 million, part of the model’s famous red carpet experience. There are many compliments arriving these days under publications that see the model as the protagonist. In the latest published carousel, De Panicis was the heroine of some videos where her outfit can be seen. The clothes that the model wears are very special. Transparency is practically “fatal”. In fact, it is possible that you will notice some of the details that will take your breath away and make the model’s Instagram feed hot.

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